What’s in your kids lunch? #9

The bell is about to ring dismissing the kids for the weekend so I have to make this quick!
I have been busy all morning so I apologize for not getting this out earlier.
You would never believe me but I went the the mall.
I know right, Shocking.

But I wasn’t there for clothes.

I did a little window shopping and there are a few pieces I might have to go back and take another look at but the baby was grouchy and shopping with a screaming child is never enjoyable.
For anyone.
You should thank me that we got out of there as quickly as we did and the meltdown was minimal.

I was actually on the hunt for a “cheep” quality birthday present for a birthday party.
They do exists!
I found one… I just had to make a gazzilion stops along the way.
You kinda have to think “outside the box”.
Toy stores are over priced to begin with so I hit the mall.

This little cutie is turning 6, she loves purses and jewelry and makeup.
She already is way ahead of the game!!
I knew what I wanted, but finding it was tricky.

I purchased a $25.00 purse for $7.34 insane eh!
Then I made a quick pit stop to the dollar store and picked up two adorable white beaded bracelets. A sparkly beaded necklace some pony holders and some sparkly lip gloss. All for $7.35 (including a card and a gift bag to boot!)
Usually we spend $25.00 per child but I got out of there for $14.69
**insert happy momma dance!!**
Since we are now on the cusp of “birthday season” every little bit helps!

Anyways, back to the lunches…

So what did I for them pack?

* cold chicken sandwich with lettuce on a whole wheat bun
* two cranberry banana mini muffins
* raspberries with pear slices
* orange slices
* raspberry yogurt ( not shown)

Well, guess I should go and pick up the monkeys at the school bus!!


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