Through her eyes

Lessons gleaned from a quiet morning spent with my soon-to-be 2 year old.
*the fabric of mommy’s sweatpants is much softer on a stuffy runny nose than the kleenex.
*waving “bye bye” to the school bus makes it drive away.
*if you ask for “one” mommy will only give you one butterscotch chip so keep a close eye on the bag before she pours then entire bag into the bowl for a batch of cookies.
*butterscotch cookies are delicious fresh out of the oven.
*going outside in the cold isn’t so bad when you have cuddly soft “mippens” and a hat.
*”mippens”make great projectile missiles when you are strapped in the car seat bored out of your mind.
*sunglasses look & feel better when worn upside down.
*putting my shoes on my own feet is cause for celebration even if they are on the wrong feet and I can’t remember where I left either one of my socks.
*apple slices dipped in yogurt make a yummy lunch.  The added crumbs collected after you drop your apple on the floor are pretty crunchy too. 
*washers and dryers make for sneaky hiding places but wet laundry is really cold to crawl on.
*bathing suits are appropriate clothing choices all the time.
*milk will spray out of your bottle just like a sprinkler if you bite a hole in the nipple.
*yes, Mommy will ask you to repeat almost every word you know every time she calls Nana and Papa. 
*nap-time in theory sounds great until she shuts the door and leaves you in your bed, in the dark, all alone. 
  I’m wish some days I could crawl into that sweet little head and look at the world through her eyes.But, it poses a great question.Would I like what I see? As you May recall I am currently studying James Mercy Triumphs and just between you and me.
It’s been tough.
I found week 3’s homework particularly challenging to complete.My sweet baby has been sick with croup and now and ear and throat infection so she is clingy and whiny which didn’t help but I also had my own mental stumbling blocks that I needed to get around.  I would read the same sentenced over and over again.The words would disappear just as quickly as I read them.Nothing was making any sense at all and then I turned the page and got stuck on this:                                  
“My dearly loved brothers, understand this: Everyone must be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger.” James 1:19  
Maybe stuck isn’t the right word to describe it.It was like grouching at your kids because they aren’t doing what you asked only to realize that your guilty of doing the exact same.
“quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger.”  Ummm, guilt as charged.I think it’s more fair to say that I am Quick to anger, Quick to speak and slow to listen. Oops! I guess I’m not learning as much as I should be if I am too busy running my mouth.
My thinking is being challenged and as He works in me I have noticed that there are character flaws needing to be surrender to him so I can be changed.  That’s why I took this study in the first place.To be changed and to learn exactly what it looks like to live this thing out here on planet earth?
I’m going to find out… 
So what I see won’t be reflected back in Her sweet eyes.
Let the transformation begin… 

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