Goodbye, October! Hello November!

Wow- what happened to October?
Anyone else beside me feel those last few days have just flown by in a blur of pumpkins & costumes leaving the majority of us with a candy hangover.
With four children we have MORE than our fair share of candy overflowing loot buckets and a couple of overstuffed pillowcases.
I think my kids ate enough junk food yesterday to last them the rest if the year…how about you?
Now I just have to figure out what to do with It all without padding the dentists pocket. Sorry, I’m not interested in paying for your boat or your ski chalet in the alps.

What are you going to do with your “stash”?

I’m thinking of freezing some of our chocolate bars, blending the candies for ice cream toppings (smarties!!) and donating some to operation Christmas child box and if i remember I need to tuck some candies away to add to our advent calendar.

Yup, you read that right.

With two birthdays down and two more to go this month I have already started thinking about Christmas. **happy sigh**

I’m not the only one either.

Tuesday night I pulled a late night “pumpkin run”
{read: one pumpkin disaster+one disappointed boy=brand new pumpkin}
and much to my surprise I noticed an advent calendar display set up a few feet away from the pumpkins.


The ghosts and goblins hadn’t even begun trick or treating and already the stores are ramping up for the next big holiday.

I’m resisting living that far “in the future”.
If your anything like me we have stuffed our days so full with too much to do just to live in “the now” and besides, I have been feeling like there is just so much “noise” out there and I just need a little peace and quiet.

With an inbox filled with spam and your general run of the mill scams I would rather ignore my email then look at it.

Thank you but no.

I am not interested in “increasing my manhood”
If I had a penis in the first place SURE but it would have to be a miraculously act of God for me to have one now and seeing as it wasn’t in his original design I think I am o.k.
And stop calling me fat.
It’s rude and untrue.

My Facebook has turned into a free for all clogged with blogger giveaways, coupons, people trying to sell me junk or help me lose weight meanwhile I am missing out on over 90% of what’s going on with my friends.
I want my Facebook back so it looks like I am going to have to prune all the “status” updates again.

I’m tired of thinking that blogging is a popularity contest and in order to “make it” I need to cheat and “like”a gazillions pages hoping they will by some whim decide to reciprocate.
I was blissfully ignorant and didn’t know about “Alexa drop” or improving my page rank.

let’s be honest,time is precious.

I would rather comment on your “oh, my gosh I laughed so hard I cried story” than pretend I want to win a glass purse.
A glass purse can you imagine?
The temperature plummets to -30 around here and I have four children!
My purse shouldn’t become a weapon.
Well, unless you just ordered the last pumpkin spice latte and then we might have an issue.
I’m kidding. K, I’m really not but at least I am honest.

This morning has been different, I’m enjoying an unusually quiet morning {read my Dayhome children are late and my baby is happily watching Oso on our computer} and the house is still.

The washer and dryer are having an unscheduled day off.
The baby has wandered away from the computer and the screen is “sleeping” so the sights and sounds do Disney junior are muted.
It’s actually really nice.

I am curled up with my iPad and my coffee watching the snowflakes softly falling outside. It can snow for the next few weeks and I will be blissfully happy.

Yes, I love the snow!

We have already bundled up once to brave the dangerously slippery roads so I am hoping that when we have to go out again the sanders will have been around making the trip less exciting….

What are you up too today?


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