What I do when there is laundry to be done…

Obviously not laundry.
Well,I did a little bit turned the dryer back on every time I walked by it and I pushed the pile of dirty laundry a wee bit closer to the garage door.
If we didn’t live in the frozen north I wouldn’t care if they kids went barefoot and in shorts.
Then it wouldn’t matter if I did laundry.
But we do.
I feel like I should have done something more productive today but to be totally honest with you.
I feel blecky.
Yup, blecky.
Not really sure if that’s even a word but for today it is.
A word that caused my husband to pick up the phone and accuse me of being pregnant. 

Apparently “you only say that word when you are pregnant.”
I assured him that I most defiantly am not pregnant.
Four is enough don’t you think?
I so happen to use this word quite often and he just needs to pay more attention to what I say.  
So, what did I do today?
Well, the baby and I played hide and seek, we dug around in my closet and dressed up and I even got a chance to squish my fingers in our pumpkin spice play dough.
Oh, and I walked past the dryer a couple of times and “freshened up” the load.
During nap time I fired up photoshop and created this:
{Facebook cover I created for: The Sweet Side }
Usually I just make my own blog headers/ buttons.
But after awhile it gets boring.
And I got bored.
It was nice to make something for someone else.
Not too bad for a newbie eh!
Ah dang, the dryer just beeped.
I probably should take the clothes out…
or I could always go see what’s on t.v.  :0)



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