Tonics, cleanses and magic pills

{photo:stock fresh}
We have all heard the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”
What if I eat an entire bushel now?
With four children there are seasons in our lives when we spend a lot of time in the doctor office. Most often we get to see our own family physician so our trips are a quick in and out but if its after hours we have to either go to the medi Center or visit the pediatric emergency room.

I wish I was one of “those moms” who bring healthy snacks, crayons and colouring books along with a backpack stuffed with other “things” for their children to do when we have to wait in a busy medic Center.
But most times, I forget.
Most times I wish they had a drive thru so I could pull up.
Can you imagine?
it might even go a little something like this:

Them:” welcome to the medi Center, What can we do for you?”

Me:”Umm, the baby has been really grouchy and pulling at her ears. We think its an ear infection”

Them:”Sure, drive thru and I will take a quick peek”

In out in less than 15 min. *sigh* wouldn’t that be great?

But, I live in the real world.

Remember how I mentioned on Friday that I was “feeling blecky”?
I woke up Saturday morning feeling crummy so I got dressed, grabbed a coffee and headed down the street to the medi Center.

My hubby figures “your not that sick. You stopped for coffee. If you didn’t stop for coffee I would worry.”

I registered, sat and waited for two hours playing “words with friends”, searching Pinterest and stalking my friends on Facebook.
I realized something while I was waiting for the doctor to pop his head into the room. When one of my children are sick I find myself get annoyed every time the doctor walks past the room without stopping.
But, when I am the patient and I hear those same footsteps I suddenly become a nervous wreck fearful of what he is going to say!

So what did he say?
Well, he said my “stomach was soft “that possibly is irritated and tossed around the possibility of “kidney stones or stones in the bile duct.”
He wrote me a prescription and gave me paper work for a blood test {did yesterday} and an ultrasound {going for on Tuesday}.

I went home and spent the entire night curled up on the couch.

An old friend suggested on my Facebook

” fresh lemon in water to helps rid of stones…gall bladder, kidney, bile duct, even the fluted in the liver and pancreas ” plus he recommended a kidney,liver and gall bladder flush… Take 1oz of olive oil and 1oz of fresh squeezed lemon or ruby red grape juice every 15 min for 3 hours. In the morning drink 1 quart of boiling hot water with table spoon of real salt “. Lemons dissolve the rough edges off the stones. Olive oil makes it so they can all move easily and the hot water opens all ducts and tubes so all stones can leave the body.”

Usually I wouldn’t even give a thought like this much attention.
(No offence)
But this time…. it wouldn’t hurt to try!
Plus big daddy is going to do it with me…
This could be interesting.

Have you ever done a “cleanse”?


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