The waiting game…

What’s your story?   Maybe I’m nosey but I always wonder what people are thinking.What brought that annoyed looking woman flipping through the fashion magazine or the man in the three piece suit who keeps adjusting his tie.Every single person in that clinic had a story behind why they were there.  Do you ever find yourself wondering what behind their story?  Or is it just me?
Take a room full of normally chatty adults mix in an unwanted health appointment and poof!  Flashback to high school.Remember school dances with a handful of people dancing in the middle of a musty gym. Bad music and horrible punch.Teachers laughing while the rest of us were wallflowers whispering in the darkness.
Medical appointments feel the same way sometimes. But instead of teachers it’s the medical personal.Which is annoying and comforting all at the same time.
Waiting for my name to be called I look around the room Instead of flipping thru old magazine subscriptions. I feel like I’m sitting on a old vinyl chair fidgeting outside of the principals office wringing my hands in fear.Wondering What’s going to happen next?That’s exactly how yesterday morning could have felt while I waited to get my abdomen ultrasound.But I left early and before I went I called for prayer and instead of being covered in fear I went in with peace knowing that my health is in his hands. Backed by prayer I am now waiting.Waiting for perfect blood test results.Waiting for a clear ultrasound which I am assuming I will have results in 2-3 days so now, I wait.But, I’m too busy to sit by the phone and wait.
My baby turns 2 tomorrow.Tonight I have a cake to bake & cool & decorate, and her presents need to be wrapped!  If you have been with me for any length you will remember that birthdays are a big thing.Cakes are a big thing for me.  I’m that mom.I will stay up till the wee hours of the morning decorating a cake to make it look just right.  Call me crazy but for me, it’s worth it.  Seeing the excitement on their faces makes up for lack of sleep hands down any day.
I’m normally prepared well before the actual “bake” day but with all that was going on the past few days I’ve dropped the ball.
Sort of.
I have 1/2 a plan. Does that make sense?
I’m going to bake her a “chilly” the snowman cake from Doc McStuffins for her actual birthday which is tomorrow’s and I am trying to find a dragon for her party on saturday.  
Now I just need to find a dragon pattern!Help!


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