Just a girl and her dragon

The sugar rush may be over {for now} but I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one in the family suffering from a cake hangover this morning.
I couldn’t even bring myself to peak under the tinfoil tarp to see how much of her cake we have left over.
We are celebrating with another birthday party tomorrow and I should be up to my eyes in piping bags& icing but I’m taking the day off.

Read: I just finished catching up with my best girlfriend on the phone for the entire nap time so I’m going to Safeway later on today to order a cupcake cake instead.

The day after punky’s birthday party’s is pretty quiet around here for the most part. She spent the morning playing with her new “stuffy mcdragon” stuffed dragon and insisted on wearing her new outfit.

And please don’t read “mom forced her to wear them” she dragged them out of the closet while she was busy pulling her Jammie shirt off her head repeating “clothes, clothes” to make sure she got her point across.

I’m playing catch up on laundry so I can enjoy myself tomorrow with friends and family but first….I think I’m ready for another slice of cake!
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