Snow day 2012 & the day after

“Your keeping your kids home from school”


“But, don’t they have school?”


I’m one of “those moms”.
The rule breakers.
The “go against the crowd” kinda mom.
Actually, I’m not.
At all.

We found ourselves In a pickle and apparently we weren’t the only ones with remembrance day falling on a Sunday there was a bit of confusion as to if Monday would be a stat holiday or not.
The catholic school was out,but the public school was in.
My hubby had the day off and it was my choice if I wanted to work or not.
1/2 of my family had the day off and the other half doesn’t it?
Huh? How does that work?
we ended up pulling the kids out of school for the day and apparently I’m not the only one finding “skipping out” difficult.
The kids were so excited the night before to have the next day off but a few times during the day giggles would make a comment about missing her friends.
So, how did we enjoy our “snow day”?
We shared breakfast with some close family friends, picked up some yummy cookies (read expensive) at the mall and just hung out.
As a family.
The kids played in the snow while I made dinner.
It was a good day.
A quiet day but a good day.
The simplicity of childhood.

Today very much was our Monday.
The alarm clock rang too soon.
The children were harder to wake than normal after an extended long weekend.
We couldn’t find the lunch bags or the water bottles.
Library books were hiding.
The baby needed changing.
We were running late!
The van door was frozen.
Again.{ this is getting old}
We missed the school bus so I had to drive the kids to school.
Traffic was crazy.
People have forgotten how the school bus drop off loop Is supposed to work.
The van door hadn’t yet thawed so they had to crawl over their baby sister and her diaper bag without bonking her in the head with their backpacks on their way by.
I was starting to feel rather frazzled to be honest with you.
There weren’t enough deep breaths in the world and coffee wasn’t cutting it.
The morning has been a blur of diapers, bottles and crabby children.
It wasn’t until a few moment ago that I had a chance to catch up on some email.
I found this gem hidden among “get rick quick, loose weight fast junk mail crap”.

It’s from a newsletter that I subscribed too a few years back written by my high school buddy Tera and its too good not to share a small tidbit with you.

She writes:

“Sometimes life is gonna try and cramp your style, ruffle your feathers and get your knickers in a knot….life is NOT easy. All the glitter and lip gloss and photoshop makes it look easy, but it takes courage to persist in the face of obstacles and it takes bravery to believe in a better world when the headlines keep trying to stir up fear in the seat of your soul.

Wherever you want to go, you can get there.

Whatever you want to do, you’ll do it.

Whatever you want to have, you’ll get it, I’m sure.

But it starts now.

In this moment.

With how you choose to be.”

So I leave you with this question that i have been asking myself as well.

Are you who you want to be?
It’s your choice….you don’t have to stay where you are.
A journey await us…
It’s time to roll up our sleeves, toss the Halloween candy {and the rest of the birthday cake} in the trash and let’s get started.
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