My washer just threw up….

I don’t know about you but normally its safe to assume that the washer has finished its cycle and is done when I find the washer turned off.

That’s a pretty safe assumption don’t you think?

I have been doing laundry since I was in junior high so its not like this is a new skill or something.

How hard is it to stuffed the washer with sheets.

Filled up the soap dispenser.

Shut the door and set the dial to “Normal” and pushed start?

The washer started like it has a million times before now.

I shut the folding doors and race to get all of the kids out the door so Giggles would make it on time to school.
Because Mr.D is home sick with pink eye we snuck in an impromptu visit to take a coffee to daddy at work.

We were probably gone at least an hour give or take so I assumed the washer was already finished and I could put the next load in.

Nope, my washer just threw up spewing soapy water all over me

The water had even crept into the washroom pooling behind the sink.


Are you kidding me?

There just isn’t anything in this world like tugging open the washer door and water rushes out soaking you where you stand.

Along with the pile of dirty laundry on the floor and the entire back hallway.

I slammed the door shut as fast as I could but a washcloth got stuck in the door so it wouldn’t seal shut properly.

foolishly I tried to re-start my washer thinking I could set it to “drain & Spin” but because the door wasn’t sealed it wouldn’t turn on.
 So,I grabbed the mop bucket and wedged it directly under the door then opened the washer door again.


Picture this with me.

I’m wearing wet slippers with my jeans rolled up almost to my knees standing on a pile of cold wet laundry attempting to force a washcloth and a sheet back into the washer while all the water is pouring OUT desperately trying to get the silly door closed.

Thanks to extra laundry {both of mr.d’s comforters along with his sheets and every washcloth/towel he has been in contact with} at least there was something absorbent to soak up all the water. 

**rolls eyes**

I just go the last of the laundry into the wash so the floor is now dry but I am still befuddled as to why the washer door wasn’t locked in the first place… 

I wonder if I will ever know the answer behind why my washer threw up all over me this morning.

But I can tell you this much, I am always going to make sure there is no water in there when I go to open the door…


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