The laundry pile doubled

The week that wasn’t.
Or was it?
I’m a little sleep deprived so you will have to excuse me if I don’t make much sense.
Usually this is the time of year when we are busy getting the Christmas tree up and listening to christmas carols while I crack open the eggnog.
The kids are busy creating and re-creating their “lists” and  by now we should be 6 squares in on our advent calendar.
But, we aren’t.
It’s so hard to even correlate what day today is after spending our entire first week of December tending to sick children.

I I’m not wish I was kidding.

My week has been a blur of over flowing laundry baskets, barf buckets, vicks vapo rub & eye drops.

3 kids had pink eye.
3 kids all got the flu.
2 adults got the flu..only one escaped untouched.

I think the only way any of this is going to make a lick of sense is to look at the week backwards…

Last night {Thursday} we had not one but two “celebrations of learning” a.k.a “Parent teacher interviews”.  I’m convinced the school board changed the name in order to encourage fearful parents to put their children first and attend.  
I will admit a shudder ran down my spine as I remembered a few painful “Parent teacher conferences” I was involved in as a child and was happy to see that they have changed. 

Our first celebration of learning was a “student lead conferences” for Mr.D which in my opinion are rather eye opening.  We had 4 different “center” to visit while we waited for our turn to chat with both of his teachers.
The first “center” was at his desk where I had a chance to peak inside his messy desk. {no big surprise there…you should see his room}.  There was a folder with a bunch of different assignments for me to look at. I chuckled while I leafed through some of his writing samples discovering my son loves to use the word “And” to string thought after thought together in his writing.
No big surprise but something we will work on over Christmas holidays along with his reading.
Our second “center” We partook in a quick “Sink or float” science experiment before we went to our third “center” he showed me how to “make different words” and then it was our turn to talk to the teacher. We finished our last center where we played a math game of “9 up.

Watching my overly chatty son turn silent was uncomfortable but when your 8 year old boy and you have 3 adults talking about you it’s not a big surprise.
I remember that feeling all too well and used that to remind him that he wasn’t in trouble.
Needless to say we have a few things to continue working on but for the most part he is doing well in Grade 2.

With ten minutes to spare I raced back home to grabbed Giggles then we before raced back to meet with her teacher.  I wasn’t surprised at all when we got another great report but it was nice to hear what her teachers and classmates think of her.
Oh! I was surprised to see they have an “elf on the shelf” in their classroom.  
Not sure what I really think but that elf is kinda creepy…

Wednesday was one big blur as I woke up in the wee hours of the morning with the stomach flu.  Ugh! Big Daddy stayed home from work so he could watch over the baby while I slept.

Tuesday I attempted to catch up on all of the dirty laundry and it was a “normal” day with the two older monkeys back at school and I was working. Plus I squeezed in a quick trip to the medi center to get eye medication as Giggles doesn’t respond well to the polysporin eye drops.

Monday was a day off for the younger crowd as we had spend sunday night with the flu.  We watched movies while we ate Chicken noodle soup and “surprise” my two youngest daughters work up with pink eye.

Sunday was a blur.
I’m blaming trying to squeeze in too many things in one day.
We dragged our Christmas tree in from the garage and set it up in our bonus room.
I should have stopped there.
We needed groceries to get through our week and my mother in law needed to run to the mall so out we went.
Foolishly I thought I could grab a list full of food and be home in less than an half hour and I was later than expected with my grocery shopping which meant my husband was late for grading at the gym.
I came home to a miserable little girl who promptly started throwing up no sooner after I had walked in the house.
Great, just great.
Bundling up all of the children and arming Giggles with a bucket we went back to the mall to pick Grandma up.
Nothing kills an appetite more than a child barfing in the back of your van but that didn’t stop us from driving through the McDonalds drive thru.
On second guess that wasn’t too smart as Her older brother quickly followed suit along with Big Daddy a few short hours later.

The laundry pile doubled.

I tossed the Shower curtain on the floor to protect bedroom carpets and set both of the kids up with barf buckets while my husband shivered under the covers with a fever.

The house reeked of bleach. 

Lots and lots of bleach as my mother-in-law and I scrubbed every single toy the kids have.
We seriously need to start rotating those toys….

Saturday was a day of pampering as I got my new hairdo and we spent the night out visiting with friends.
If I had of known then what my week was going to be like I might have crawled into bed early that night instead.

A week ago the baby started throwing up which started off the whole entire mess.  But she is kinda too cute to blame….

Today is friday…and just incase my hubby decides to read my blog I am going to keep quiet about all that today offers.
Tomorrow is the first December birthday in this household and I don’t want to spill a single secret!
I’m sure you wouldn’t tell but just in case….
I will fill you all in later on this weekend.



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