Squirming in my seat

I have been itching all weekend to share with you the “rest of the story”.  If you remember I ended my last post  shrouded in secrecy because I was worried my hubby would accidentally find out what we had planned for his birthday.
Turns out I could have shared my plans with you.  His friend ended up spoiling our surprise just moments before he found out for himself.  {not on purpose!}
December birthdays are tough.
Throw in kids Christmas concerts, work parties and get together’s with friends and family it can be almost impossible.

So, what did we do?

Well, My oldest convinced her daddy they were long overdue for a “daddy daughter date” and told him she had made reservations for them at his favorite restaurant.

 Much to his surprise I got a bunch of his friends to meet us out for dinner at his favorite restaurant without him knowing.

 Normally we are the last ones where ever we need to be so I made sure I was early and ended up sitting by myself frantically texting my daughter to get her stall {she really needs to work on that} and quizzing our friends as to where they were. 

I will admit.

At first it was o.k
{read: I can handle a few seconds by myself in a crowded restaurant as long as I can bury my face in my phone}
Then I noticed I kept checking the door over and over again. 
Squirming in my seat I felt like a dork while I waited.  
It was really uncomfortable.

But, thankfully everyone who rsvp’ed showed up.
So it all worked out and my hubby had a great time catching up with his friends.

Saturday was his actual birthday and his children blessed him with 
another ereader.

This time we got him a kobo glo.
Foolishly I forgot how much husband likes to read so I just gave him an “ignore your wife” ticket. 
**shakes head**
 At least its wonderful and perfect to him!
I baked him  homemade macaroni and cheese for dinner and we celebrated with an ice cream cake {his favorite} then we went to a “secret Santaparty.
We had fun but we had to duck out early because I was having an allergic reaction to the hostesses dog.    
December birthdays can be a challenge…and with one more this month the fun isn’t over yet!


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