"Snow cakes"

If your anything like me you probably have a freezer stuffed full of leftover pasta sauce and unmarked Tupperware housing either chili or stew or heaven knows what else.

Don’t believe me?

Take a peek, I’ll wait.
What goodies did you have hidden in your freezer?

Look past the fish fillets you promised yourself months ago you would eat.

Find anything interesting?

I did!

I apparently had left over cake batter so I let it thaw in the fridge over night and In less than 20 minutes we had these cute little two bite cupcakes.

Trust me.

Two yummy “melt in your mouth where is the rest of the cupcake” bites.

Unfortunately the only icing I had in my fridge was a can of pre made frosting which is a nightmare waiting to happen.

You can’t pipe the icing fast enough before it warms up in your hands and as soon as it warms up you are left with a goopy wet mess.

Remind me again why I thought I needed store bought icing?

Hmm, now I have all these cupcakes and they are melting on the kitchen counter so…

I tucked some on a plate and stuck them outside in the snow so they could freeze.

Genius right?


Everything worked well until the plate slipped off the snow covered sand table and the plate did a face plant in the snow covering the entire mess with fresh snow.

 So, now we have “snow cakes”.
Think my kids will mind?

What’s your bigger baking blunder?

– Sweet Momma on the run

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