Good cop Bad cop

I’ve been a mommy for a few years now but I have never face a case quite like this.

It’s no surprise my kids and I have been sick.
We I have faced a stomach flu, head colds, pink eye and a bladder infection and its only the 18th.

I’ve sent them to school
Coughing and sniffling along with the rest of their friends.

I know I know, I really should leave them home and I do when they are miserable.

Once I sent Giggles to school only to be called a couple if hours later requesting I pick her up from school. This is the same child who ran a fever from Friday till yesterday so I know she has been unwell. That being said the child will tell me she “ok” when really she should be in bed and like I learned this Morning she will fake sick to stay home and play.

I’ve never seen the two of them plot to both be sick.

They almost got away with it too.

Mornings can be crazy so quite often I’m texting my husband updates to keep him “in the loop”
With what’s happening at home.
This week out son is “star of the week” so he has a poster, some pictures and a book to share with his class. He had everything ready for yesterday but they didn’t have time in school to get to it so he had to bring everything back for today.

Apparently while I was still in bed he was plotting with his sister.
When I came down stairs they were both coughing and complaining about how sick they were and they didn’t feel they shouldn’t go to school.

It wasn’t until big daddy shared with me that he had overheard the two of them plotting to stay home and play that their plan was busted.
You should have seen the look of complete surprise on their faces when I said “hmm, dad said he overheard you two planning on staying home today… I thought you wrote sick?!?”

Mr.d confessed to the crime and said he had “changed his mind” all the while Giggles denied it.


I’m excited that they were working together but seriously?!?

Plan Foiled…

Within 15 min lunches were made, children were dressed and we were in our way to school and another case was closed.

I will admit, it was kinda fun playing good cop/bad cop.

Silly monkeys, we start christmas holidays this Friday!!

– Sweet Momma on the run


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