..cough cough

Just a week away from Christmas and I am counting down the days till the start of our Christmas vacation.
What a welcome relief it will be to get a break from all those icky nasty cold germs!!

We have 3 Sore throats, 3 sore stuffy noses and coughs that closely resembles the sound of a seals bark.

Three miserable children.
One miserable momma

This has been going on far too long but after spending a night sleeping on the sofa I am drawing the line.
Doped up on tylenol complete nighttime the cough was still there but I was feeling rather “stoned”.
Sucking on a cough drop and smothering  my head in a pillow so I could cough trying not to wake the rest of the household up.

It didn’t work.

The baby was coughing along with our son.

I am sure my husband and I collectively got a couple hours of sleep but that’s about it and I question if we really slept at all.
It feels like all I did was toss and turn miserably fighting not to cough which makes me have to cough even more.

I would open the windows to bring in some fresh air but they are frozen solid.

Currently I am forcing myself to drink a vile mug of NeoCitran.
Deep down I know before the afternoon is over I will be heading to the drugstore to pick up a bottle of Buckley’s.
I also need to grab some more children’s cough syrup since In my desperation I tried tripling the dose of their medicine last night.
If 5 mls works for ages 1-11 then 15mls should work for my age right?
Not only did it not work but it tastes nasty!
No wonder the baby threw it up the last time I gave it to her.

I also see a can of lysol in my future.
Or three.
Perhaps four.
I don’t want to spend the remainder of 2012 fighting a cold.
So if you come over later on and the house reminds you of a doctors office you know why.

Momma is fighting back the only way I know how…


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