Snowflakes and bad coffee

I’m convicted the baby will figure out we are on Christmas vacation the day before school starts back.
Her Internal clock is set much earlier than the rest of us.

6:30 she was banging on her bedroom door anxious to get her day started.

It’s been a lazy morning for me while I sit here drinking a rather bad cup of coffee but its been a rather busy morning for her.

She’s undecorated and decorated the first two feet of our Christmas tree.

There are teeth marks scratching the metallic paint off of one of the snowman bells.

Now she’s “playing” meaning she has dumped all of the toys out of the buckets and they are strewn in piles over the floor.

Nap time looks like its coming early but She refuses to settle down no matter how frequent the yawns come from both of us.

So while she runs circles I’m going to enjoy a mug of bad coffee, watch the snowflakes fall and watch tv.

– Sweet Momma on the run


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