And That’s a Wrap…

With the twinkle of the eye and a snap of the fingers Christmas is over.  Stockings are unstuffed and flannel pajamas around the world are getting a good does of love.  My own youngsters haven’t really been out of pajamas for the past two days but I’m not complaining.
 As I survey the house this morning I am we left wondering where we are going to put all this “stuff” we have given and acquired these last few days.
Don’t get me wrong.
I have already created a home for my brand new baby pink mixer.
But was just as surprised to see the blender nestled up beside it on the countertop. 
The blur of the last few days has left me feeling a little bit.
Sometimes all of this frolic can be downright exhausting!

This Christmas was different than previous Christmas’s.

It’s the first one that I can recall where my parents and my sister decided to stay home and didn’t migrate up to celebrate with us.
Nothing about the past few days has been normal.
Toss in a failed “apocalypse” to kick start our holidays no wonder things went a little wonky.
Actually looking back on it,Christmas eve was an interesting day here. Toss in a little more holiday shopping a missed bus ride home and my adventure with “fish lice”.
Yes, you read that right.
Fish lice.
Skin crawling yet?
Mine was too… now imagine having to catch and scoop an orange and white goldfish out of the tank, hold the slimy little creature in your hands and scrape lice off of it all while trying to do it as quickly as you can so you can get the fish back in the water.
Needless to say that little guy is my favorite now. 

The things I will do for my pets.

Anyhoo, Christmas Eve was anything but boring.
Cramming to much stuff into one day we decided almost last minute to pack up the entire family and head to Church.
That was probably the calmest I had been all day even though 3 out of our 4 children were with us as there was no children services and I was trying to get them to pay attention to the service and stop picking at each other.
We started a new family tradition but only time will tell if our trip to Wendy’s for burgers after Christmas Eve services will stick or not.  I can do without the Christmas Eve flat tire though that’s for sure. 
Seriously, I’m not sure how we limped our van home from church but 20 minutes later it was as flat.
The tire still isn’t fixed but I have the truck so I am not totally stuck.

Christmas Morning was filled with the normal merriment and toy building.  So glad I wasn’t on the barbie house building crew.
It might still be in its box if I had of had anything to do with it. 
I roasted our Christmas 2012 Turkey and it turned out to be exceptional.  We had a chance to peak at the tire and I was disappointed to learn it was punctured.  You could hear the air hissing out just as quickly as we pumped it in.

Boxing day we had to switch out my pretty pink mixer for one without a nicked cord and I swapped out one of my charms for another one.  When I got back Mr.D was feverish again and miserable so I packed him up and we headed to the medi center where he dozed off and on in an uncomfortable plastic chair.
The waiting room was packed and we were looking at least a 3 to 4 hour wait.  I was assured we would be seen as quickly as possible as they were trying to get the children seen as quickly as possible. 
Im not sure if you saw my facebook post:

You child is coughing uncontrolably at a medi center.
do you
A) ignore you child and do nothing
B) smile politely and offer your child water
C) request a mask for your child who refuses to cover his mouth

Lucky us… She chose “a”

Can I get a can of Lysol please?!?

After two hours of waiting the night doctor was a no show and we were all sent home.
I am not understanding why the nursing staff waited for the doctor to be over an hour late before they called head office and I am not understanding why head office didn’t have a back up physician.
Needless to say I won’t be going there any time soon.

We gave him a dose of tylenol and a dose of advil.
Dropped his ear with an old prescription ear drop from his last ear infection and waited out the night.
Luckily for us our family physician squeezed us in this morning and now we have a prescription.
I sure hope he feels better soon….


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