What do you say?

When it’s been an run of the mill, normal day?
Well, kinda.
Minus the insane amounts of laundry we apparently grow around these parts it’s been a “normal” day Filled with lunch that need to be packed, agendas that need to be signed and permission forms needing to be signed.
The monkeys were out the door reasonably on time this morning.
Punky& I had a tea party this morning after we read her favorite book “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see?”
Toss in an lunch time orthodontist appointment and nap time unfortunately happened in the van.

I refuse to sit idly in the van while they sleep so their nap time was significantly shortened.
I wish they wouldn’t stir when I pick them up out of their car seats but they always seem to.
Which means bedtime will be that much sooner tonight seeing as the baby is already grumpy and we haven’t even had dinner.
Dinner…what am I going to make for dinner?
Today has been a good day, and we are all thriving with the return of routines.
Crazy, in a few months we will be itching for a break from all the running around only to miss routines all over again…
I guess I should enjoy the hear and now because in a few weeks time my thoughts will drift again to warm sunny beaches!


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