Lessons for a Barbie cake part two

Don’t worry cake boss,
Your job is very much secure!
There isn’t a huge market for “mommy cakes” and seeing as I only get six chance a year I don’t get a lot of practice time.

I will be honest with you when I share that I’m quite pleased with how this Barbie cake turned out.

There were a few different glitches this time around but sometimes surprises make baking more enjoyable if you ask me. The baking time was tweaked because last time if you remember the cake took well over an hour to bake instead of the suggested 30-35 min.

I scraped homemade batter made with love for not one but two box cake mixes to make sure I used exactly 6 cups of cake batter which made for a much fuller cake.
I decided to go against home made icing and I purchased a box of Wilton’s whipped icing.
I will confess I’ve snuck a few spoonfuls and its quite light tasting with a smooth creamy texture. Unlike the instructions I read on the side box of the box the icing will not hold a star shape no matter what I tried so instead I attempted to make the icing looking more like fabric as well as adding fabric flowers accents along the bottom of the dress. I was concerned the icing would melt off of the cake before today’s party I stored the cake in the cake in the fridge overnight.

Never thought I would say that I stored Barbie in the fridge!

The cake is much taller than the last one so I picked up a clear plastic cake container from the grocery store down the street and cut off the too so we can safely transport her barbie cake to the party.

I sure hope all of our little friends enjoy the cake!

Guess we will find out soon…
It’s almost party time!


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