Could I possibly be a tea snob??

Yup, this self professed coffee addict was {gasp} accused of being a tea snob! 

Right now, my cupboards at home are filled with a variety of loose leaf teas with fancy names like "bear trap" "chocolate rocket" "pu'erh" and my personal favorite " long life oolong"

Somehow along the way we started throwing down copious amounts cash for tea.

I can't really say how much I've spent on Tea but its been a lot. I have been disappointed sometimes but been delighted most times. We even have a few containers That haven't been cracked to yet to be totally honest with you.

I definitely wouldn't have considered myself a "tea person" and even though I love coffee I have started having more and more cups of tea.

I remember thinking tea was something you drink when you're sick which was as a surprising attitude considering other disgusting things that you put in your mouth when you're sick .

I grew up thinking that tea was tasteless.

The only exposure I have had growing up was watching my mom stuff a tea bag in her mug of boiling hot water or forcing teaspoons of the vile stuff down my throat to sooth a unsettled stomach. {gag!}

But loose leaf tea seeped in mesh infuser is a delight to the taste buds.

I have caught myself peeking over my shoulder waiting for a mountie to ride up to my house and demand my "Canadian-card" revoking my status when I chose mug of tea over my "triple triple",

I realize that's not going to happen but tea snob?
Somewhere someone is laughing so hard they are snorting coffee out their nose at the very thought!

I'm convinced I would be an embarrassment If I ever was invited for high tea at the palace.

I found myself wondering if the Queen has tried a mug of "mango diablo"?
Strange thought I know...
I remember confessing my fears of becoming a "tea person" to my husband and it looks like I'm well on my way. One mug at a time!

Ah dang...
There's a knock at the door...

My “Canadian card” can’t get revoked… Right?!?


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