Burried Alive and drowing in dirty laundry

My washer and I are no longer on speaking terms.

Remember when I shared a few days ago about the door being unlocked and the washer 
was full of cold soapy water?
She was searching for a shirt and was greeted by a flood of water and clothing?

That happened twice.

Once to me once to her!

This won't come as a big surprise but apparently it's not a good thing.

The washing machine repair man came to visit yesterday and I mentioned what had 
happened to niffy nunu on Saturday.

which sent him from believing that the FE warning wasn't my washer needing iron but 
there was something mechanically wrong with my machine.

After a few more diagnostics tests he finally came to a conclusion about what was 
wrong with my washer.

previously diagnostic tests led him to suspected a faulty drain pump So he ordered 
the part and we waited 10 days For the part come in.
10 days When he anticipated the parts would take 2-5 days to come in.

So he was actually there to replace the drain pump when I threw a monkey wrench at 
him and gave him new information so he ran another diagnostic test and that's
 when the washer threw a temper tantrum just like a naughty two-year-old.

Nothing more exciting than sitting and watching a washing machine waiting it to miss 

Have you ever noticed that normally something is broken and it never behaves the way 
it normally does when the repair guys there !
I was worried that was going to happen yesterday.
thankfully it didn't take long before the washer showed it's 
true colors. 
He started a wash cycle and  it wasn't until the cold rinse that
The infamous "FE" error code flashed and the washer continues 
to fill excessively which led to him find that the cool water 
valve was not shutting off And had failed mechanically.
It was crazy!
he unplugged the washer and it still continue to run.
he turned off the water and it still continue to run.

He unplugged some of the colored valves and finally the water shut off.

{I know there's a technical name for them but I don't remember what he said}

I'm so confused as to how you could disconnect the Washer from the power source but 
it's still continue to fill...

Which is extremely dangerous because It could potentially flood my house.

So, Now I wait for more parts and just to "make sure" that I don't attempt 
to wash any laundry he turned off the water and unplugged my machine.

Which is comical!
honestly does he think I don't know how to  
turn on the water or plug in the machine?

The only thing is stopping me is the threat of having my house flood because 
I don't think insurance Covers stupidity.

My husband is thrilled because now I can't "play" in the water but
I don't think he understands...
  we are slowly being buried alive & we are drowning in dirty laundry.

I cringe at how long the washer could be on the fritz for this time 
And I don't remember seeing the laundromat anywhere near here.

Maybe this is Gods way of making me take a break!
The mountain of laundry I will be left with is going to be {shudders} 
Traumatic and no, I am not exaggerating here!

I wonder if I played nice I could get my washer to be my friend again?

It's worth a try...right?

Or maybe I will take a break and just spend the night in my cozy pajamas 
curled up on the sofa with all of the people I love.

we could watch a movie Or maybe I will catch up on some much-needed sleep.

or maybe I can start planning that Hummingbird garden I want to put in the spring.

so much for sorting socks and folding Bluejeans..



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