RE and ER two simple letters at the core of God’s own heart

 The Bible is the story of God redeeming and reclaiming broken lives.
In fact, you could say that God specializes in “Do-overs” 

I had set my Bible and brand new workbook on the kitchen counter but it completely slipped my mind that I hadn’t shared any of that with you!  

We just started a new series called “Bio quench your thirst for life” by Chip Ingram. The first session is embed above so please Make sure you watch the video.
Its super short and I know, there’s a cheesy part near the end but the message rang so true.  

Here’s a snippet about what this study is all about from his website

Bio is life… the kind of life that we all need and we’re all thirsty for. Jesus promises us this true, abundant life, but how do we find it? What does God do and what’s our part?
This unique series draws on compelling stories to unlock the “Biblical DNA” to building spiritual momentum and live a rewarding life in Christ: an ongoing commitment to grow Before God, In community, and On mission. This is the essence of BIO.
Join Chip Ingram on a journey to discover who Jesus really is and how to quench your thirst for true life.  The five group-study sessions include:

RE – What are God’s favorite letters?
Discover the two simple letters at the core of God’s own heart. Their power may just refocus your view of faith and renew your commitment to live it out. 
REVEAL – Does God really speak to us?Ever felt as though God is absent when you need Him the most? Learn why the ways that we pursue of God matter more than the answers to our questions.
COFFEE – Who does God think is great?What if being great in God’s eyes actually requires you to step down? Examine why influence and impact may not always happen in the way that we expect.

JUMP – What does God want from me?Do you live life as though you’re on a mission to win, or as if you’re living life for a mission? Discover how your true purpose often emerges under enemy fire.

PATHWAY – What’s the secret of spiritual momentum?
Do you know the key to supercharged spiritual momentum? Three vital elements reveal a path that ignites faith and helps you thrive as a disciple of Jesus.

I love it when God gives me Exactly what I needed just when I needed it even its something I go back to a few days later.

Life change happens deepest and best when God speaks to you directly through His Word as the Holy Spirit.  

I can’t wait to see what these next few weeks of study will bring to my life.

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