5 things that make me happy

As you may recall when I started this “30 things you need to know about your mother” adventures I mentioned in one of my posts:

 photo B5D2DFE7_zps632d11a1.jpg

 photo 6A30DDE1_zps7dc89a35.jpgFoolishly thinking that 
a.) I had an easy escape clause when life got a little crazier. {See… 60ish days}
Meaning that if I went 
oh, a few 6 days in between posts you wouldn’t be that all that surprised. I mean, I am a mom of 4 busy children! 


b.)I never really expected any of my readers to “call me out” if the days ran a little longer between posts.  

Boy,was I wrong!

I wonder how long until it’s noticed that I went out of order and missed one of the most important ones?

So, in between punching down dough for another batch of homemade bread here they are…

I’ve had a few nicknames through out the years but I’ll Bet you probably didn’t know my nickname during college was “happy”.
I always had a smile on my face and most of the time I was laughing.
Now, I know that the “easiest” answer would be to say my kids or my husband are five things that make me happy but that’s not reflective at all and really is more of a copout.

A few things are a given, a warm sunny day will bring a smile to my face or successfully trying a new recipe for the first time would qualify for sure. But that’s just scratching at the surface. All those things would make anyone happy if they were in the same situation and I don’t know if they actually show you my heart.   

So, here are 5 things that make me happy.

1. Receiving a phone call from a friend out of the blue and talking to them for hours about everything and nothing all at the same time.

2. Being inside when there’s a thunderstorm outside.  Being able to watch the lightning zig zag across the darkened sky waiting in anticipation for that next big crack of thunder to rattle the house.  When the storm has passed to go outside and jumping in the puddles or even dancing in the rain.

3. Walking along a quiet trail deep in the forest with only the sounds of my footsteps crunching on broken twigs and leaves.  I love exploring the forest and walking along the sand beside the ocean.  By far two of my favorite places in the world.

4.  Learning and walking in relationship with God.  That I live in a country where I am free to share my faith, That I can curl up in a parking lot while I wait for my daughter to finish her dance lesson and I can read my Bible.  Out in the open for everyone to see.  That I can teach my children about the man who broke my chains and set me free.

5.The time spent with my nana.  The year before she passed I was lucky and we had the chance to celebrated my birthday together.  I know from pictures that it wasn’t the first birthday we celebrated but it was the first that I can recall.  I miss her terribly but I cherish those memories and even today they touch my heart and makes me happy.   


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