One baby step at a time

If you remember a couple of days ago I  posted this.  Feeling like I was being held hostage by my hormones I needed to vent.
Even in no one read that post I had to get it out.

I had been feeling that way for a while.

A lot longer than I care to admit.

I’m not sure when it started but it crept in without me being aware of what was happening.

It felt like “something” was trying to suck the joy out of my life.  Days were blurring into one another and I was feeling like all I was doing was hitting “rewind” before bed only to do it all over again.

I tried shaking it off on my own and for awhile there I thought it was working but, it wasn’t working.

So, I went picked up the phone and I made a doctor’s appointment for that very day.

Good news! 

I’m not depressed & I am not pre-menopausal {I was a little worried to be totally honest with you.}

Surprised?  I wasn’t but I’m sure those closest to me might be.

The doctor agreed with me that getting my hormone levels checked was a great ideal and also included checking my thyroid & on my request she is testing me for celiac disease

To help me NOW which is why I went and what I desperately needed she wrote out a prescription for the pill.

Birth control?

Hey, if it works.. She claims it will also help clear my “teenage” skin along with some other great health benefits.

It’s been a couple of days since I sat at the computer with a serious case of the blahs.

I am patiently waiting for my test results.

I have good days.

I have not so good days.

Yesterday my husband surprised me with flowers and my spirits were lifted.  He seems to have this uncanny knack of knowing what I need when I needed it.

I don’t feel as awful as I did that day and I am so thankful I picked up that phone. 

I won’t sit here and tell you its all rainbows and sunshine but just taking control makes it feel like I have turned a corner.

I’m coping.. I stopped long enough to get my blood drawn then went straight to the pharmacy to get my prescription filled.

There was no waiting.

First red light I popped open my brand new pack of pills and   washed my first one down with ice cold coffee.

For now, I have been taking a step back and re-focusing on what’s really important for me and for my family.

I’m not focusing so much on the news or facebook or my inbox.

I’m o.k. with saying no.

I’m working on the clutter around the house because truthfully that does effect how a person feels.

I’m ignoring the junk mail and there are times when I turn off my answering machine too.

Trading busyness and noise for calm and quiet.

I’m putting me first… one baby step at a time.

I know I’m not the only one..we like to hide behind this mask that everything is “ok” but as women we need to be willing to bare it all and share with each other.

Being a wife & a mother can be hard!
Especially when your hormones are being run aground.
Have you ever felt that way?
What did you do to get out of your slump?


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