My bruised green thumbs

The Return of my bruised green thumbs!

Last spring I planted some lily of the valley in my front garden.
Hoping it would take and fill my garden with its delicate blooms.

Within days the plant wilted and died.

I tried to nurse the plant back to health but nothing I tried worked.

Slightly disappointed I figured I would try again this year and see if perhaps this next batch would take on its own.

I mean really, how hard can it be to grow lily of the valley!

I forgot all about my garden blunders over the winter and it wasn’t until this past weekend when I was clearing out the out dead leaves and pulling weeds that I started thinking about spring blooms.

Normally I chose flowers that are rich in color or extremely fragrant.
I give little thought to their meaning really. I know that Lily of the valley is referenced in a few places in the bible which made we wonder.

What does lily of the valley “mean”?

“According to Legend the lily-of-the-valley sprang from the tears of Eve after she was ejected out of the garden of eden.”

I’ve read that these flowers signifies “the return to happiness” and are commonly used in bridal Bouquets.

Now don’t get me wrong.. I don’t believe Eve’s tears had anything to do with this plant but after all I have been feeling lately a “return to happiness” sounds pretty cool.

But even better…
Seeing those beautiful green leaves and the beginnings of cascading white bells hidden among dead leaves proved to me that maybe just maybe My thumbs just might be greener than I thought!

Happiness returned!!

What about you?
Are you a seasoned gardener?
What plants do your enjoy around the outside of your home?


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