Big ol nail

Normally my Saturday mornings are spent enjoying a cup of coffee while flipping thru the grocery store flyers searching for inspiration to enhance our weekly menu.

I make a detailed list so when i leave the house later on in the afternoon I can get all of my groceries and all the running around that I need to get done for the week.

Today I changed things up a bit and went to target for most of items on my grocery list.

I actually didn’t do too bad considering almost everything on my list was checked off except for fresh fruits and veggies.

Leaving the store I hurried to loaded up the van as it was raining.

I had just turned the key the when I noticed a soggy note tucked under windshield wiper.


Quickly opening the door I grabbed the note which said ” you have a flat tire”


Opening the door I looked and slightly startled when I saw this:

Boy was I glad I had my cell phone!

I sat and waited for my knight in shining armor to come and rescue me.

I didn’t have to wait too long and thanks to the emergency kit i forgot we have in the back of the van we already had a mini compressor.

He pump up my tire {in the rain} and once he was done I limped my van home.

I’m not done my grocery shopping but now instead of vegetables I’m looking for new tires

Mine has a big ol nail in it!

I’ve double checked and “flat tire” was not on my list….


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