10 Pet Peeves

**cough** So, remember way back with this post I warned you that I might not be so diligent in  updating my “30 things my kids should know about me” in 30 days.  
See, I know my self enough to know that it was a long shot.

I’m trying.

So, back to the list and because it’s a random kind of day I am choosing the first thing that jumps out at me today.

10 Pet Peeves 

1.  People who refuse to RSVP when you specifically ask them too.
Do you have any idea how frustrating it can be to plan a child’s birthday party when you don’t know exact numbers? 

I would rather have more than enough food/ treat bags ect. then not have enough!

2. People who refuse to get out of the way of an ambulance.
Trust me, that 30 seconds you take to get out of the way is more important to that frantic loved one anxiously waiting for the ambulance to get there.

3. Grown adults picking their noses out in public.
It’s gross… you know better.  Trust me on this one.
Just go for a drive and count how many grown ups you see doing this major no-no. You will be more than surprised! 

4. Tea towels are for drying dishes.  Hand towels are for your hands.  

5. If you are going to be late or planning on not showing up.
Call me.  I get really annoyed with I am left stranded or my time isn’t respected.

6. People who don’t cover their mouth while sneezing or coughing.

7. Jerks who take up two parking spaces.

8.  People who write something borderline mean, but then follow it up with a smilie face.

9. People who want you to “follow me” on every social media site available but don’t follow you back.  {I’m hoping by the time my kids grow up and read this they have no idea what a social media site is}.

10. Free offers that always has a catch.

Honestly, this one was way too easy and I could go on and on and on but I am sure it would do nothing for my mood!

We all have pet peeves…what are yours?


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