A gift card to remember

Update: from This post
The manager of the salon phone me this morning.
After asking me what happened she listened to my complaint and totally agreed with me.
I will be getting a $50 refund in the form of a gift certificate which I intend on using to get a manicure or pedicure.
Beyond happy with the outcome.
I didn’t actually expect to hear back from anyone.
I know a lot of people are afraid to leave review because they are worried they might hurt someone’s feelings.
I firmly believe that in order for change to happen you need to know if there’s an issue to begin with.
so,don’t be afraid to voice your opinion and share your complaint.

Dont be afraid to say what you really think.

I experienced a really crappy visit but everything has turned out to be a lot better than even I expected. In a couple of days I will open the mail and find an envelope with a gift card.
My toes can’t wait!

– Sweet Momma on the run


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