The blur of grad

It’s funny sometimes…

We get so caught up in all of the preparation and planning that whatever you are waiting for ends up coming quicker than expected. For us it was high school graduation.

The dress was purchased way back in February and altered shortly after. Tucked safely away in her closet for the last few months we waited.

I think perhaps because we were caught up with final exams and diplomas when the moment finally arrived we just went with the flow.

Thursday was commencements.
Family came in from out of town.

Us girls spent the afternoon at the salon pampering ourselves with manicures and pedicures.

Before we raced home to get ourselves ready.

Parking at the church was a nightmare with many people using the grass as an overflow parking lot.
It was tricky to find seating for 16 but took over the “crying room”

And the entire family saw her graduate.

We celebrated back at the house after with a BBQ that lasted until the wee hours of the morning.

-she’s second from the left

Friday morning was earmarked
for her makeup appointment then off to the hairdressers to her “up do.” Preparing for banquet.

We headed to the legislative grounds for some pictures then it was off to banquet!

My amazing family…
If you look close enough you can see that the youngest has her tongue sticking out at the rest of us.

Her boyfriend of two years.

Back across the city we raced so we could drop off the little ones before we celebrated at banquet.

Now I am going to be honest…
We never had anything like this when I graduated but then again at $80 a plate I am sure my father wouldn’t have wanted to attend anyways and I was content with dinner out.

The hall was beautifully decorated and we had a blast with those at our table. We packed it in pretty early but we ended up staying up late anyways watching the northern lights dance in the sky while we reminisced and laughed the night away.

Saturday night was safe grad.

Two busses stuffed with 89 graduates and we were on our way for a 45 minute drive out of town.

I somehow missed getting stuck on the bus ride for the out but I had a blast carpooling with Some of the other moms.

We got rained on.
I was glared at by some high school girls which was rather comical. I’m not sure if they looked at me as a threat or what their issue was.
I became the popular mom because I was the keeper of the hand sanitizer.
We loaded the buses around 4:00 for the bus ride home.

Hindsight getting less than five hours of sleep the night before safe grad was not the best idea.
Since then I’ve had one full night sleep but all that really matters is that she had a good time.

Too bad we couldn’t “bank” sleep for times like this!
now we need to move forward to the next step… University and that’s only a couple months away!

The wonder if we will get pedicures the night before she starts school?

Does anyone know if they have safe grad in university?

Something to worry about later I suppose!


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