summertime annoyances

in no particular order..
1. The carnival-like sounds cheerfully announcing that your street had been chosen for a visit from the ice cream truck.
I have no issues when it’s early afternoon but 8:00 pm when the children are fresh from their tubs and ready for bed time stories?
Umm no. Take your colorful cones and beat it!
2. Parents that allow their Children to play outside until well past 10:30 and then these same children are seen outside playing before 7:00 in the morning.
Thank you for attempting to turn my own children against me on the importance of keeping a bed time schedule.
Don’t you realize sleep is so very important for growing children.
I hate to think what your doing to stunt their growth and brain development.
3. Turning a city into a never ending maze of construction.
I get summer is short but could you at least give us a map of a detour route. I like to be able to get from point a to point B without having to leave an hour early for a 15 minute drive.
4. The ability to purchase a decent pair of winter boots or a sweet snow pant set but somehow we face the inability to find a pair if decent shorts when it’s +30 not -40.
5. The hype we build around summertime that we fail to push on the other seasons.
Don’t get me wrong.
I absolutely do love summer.
But today was just one of “those” days when small annoyances become bigger annoyances.
The kind that reach over and smacked me upside the head today… And yes, all 5!

I know I’m not alone…
What annoys you the most in the summer?


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