Baby likes beets?!?

Choice and variety sprinkle every aspect of our lives yet have you noticed that when you find that one “whatever” you stick to it?

Doesn’t matter what may be offered, if your favorite is in the menu you grab it.

We watch season after season of the same bad tv.

Choose outfits that worked well when we were living the teenage dream but are an ill fit in our 30s.

Eat the same meals week after week almost like we are living in auto pilot.

Is it because we already know what we like and we won’t be disappointed?

Or are we fearful of change?

Whatever it may be I have been working on changing that.

We have been striving to live a more healthy active lifestyle.

Which includes purchasing not one but two Masticating juicer.

I already have my 2 favourite veggie juicing recipes and have seemed to sticks only to them.

I’m much more open to sampling different fruit juices but have successfully avoided the veggie juice section in our juicing bible.

Time to switch it up!

We experimented with a new veggie juice recipe last night.
The middle two didn’t like the “purple stuff” and I was shocked that I couldn’t taste the carrot at all. Did I mention I hate juiced carrots? Bleck!

The kids really like putting the veggies into the juicer.

We tried:

“Bashful beets”

2 beets, tops intact
2 carrots
2 apples

Even though I can’t stand juiced carrots this turned out well!

Wonder what we will try next…
Any suggestions?

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