Check two off the bucket list

At the beginning of summer the kids and I came together and we pulled together a list of activities we wanted to do over our summer holidays.
A great way to keep us busy and focused so we didn’t loose our entire summer in a blur of video games and tv shows.
So far we have built a flower garden, visited the zoo and had a Picnic while we were there.
Yesterday we checked off two more items.
Big daddy built a fire pit out of castlestone bricks.

We gathered the supplies.

Big daddy traced out the fire pit the pulled out all the grass and added a layer of Gravel and pea gravel.

Everyone helped!

Them he Tamped all the fire bricks snug into the ground.

I Brushes off my girl guide fire building skills and got us started.

Everyone find a seat!

First attempt with roasting g marshmallows.

This was the first campfire we have had in a few years and the first one for the littlest.
Im not sure who was more excited the kids myself?

We are going to have to work on fire safety rules as the kids were up and out if their chairs more times than I care to remember.

We roasted marshmallows over the fire and Sang campfire songs plus we attempted to star gaze.

When your smack Dab in a city the surrounding light pollution makes star gazing harder but not impossible.

I was tempted to drag the tent out and set it up but camping in the backyard isn’t quite as exciting as sleeping in the mountains. We might not check everything off of our bucket list but we sure are having fun!!

I think I might dig up a frozen fruit Popsicle recipe so we can enjoy them around the fire tonight.

What about you?
What kind of activities have you checked off your summer bucket list?


41 thoughts on “Check two off the bucket list

  1. How lovely! I had wanted to do that this summer too… but we very quickly ran out of time and opted for an above ground fire tray instead… we could still roast marshmallows so it was great πŸ˜‰


  2. We don't have a summer bucket list this year because I am pregnant and high risk and on ordered bed rest this is 2 summers in a row I can't do anything with my kids because of being pregnant.. I have an 11 month old that was born Sept of 2012 and this baby will be born Oct of 2013 but now they will finally have a little brother since all the older ones are girls to enjoy summer next year.. I love the fire pit idea but I need to get my own home.. in order to do that too..


  3. I kinda want a firepit but we live in an apt. complex so we can't. If I wanna enjoy sitting next to one I have to go to one of my brother in law's houses… -_-


  4. Janeane, a few years ago we came up with doing a bucket list with the change of each season and the kids have had a blast!
    Plus each season has so many different activities so we don't have a chance to get bored.


  5. The rules here say that our fire pit has to be 10 feet from anything flammable {it is} so now we are trying to figure what we are going to put around it for more privacy.
    Thinking about putting in a stone bench or perhaps a garden.
    Dang pinterest and all their ideas!!


  6. How cool! Maybe we can build a fire pit – Usually we go over a friends house and sit around her fire pit and grill hotdogs. She is crazy for s’mores of any kind, so we know we’ll have them and they are oh-so-good! Great bucket list. I think we will make one for spring break.


  7. we have a fire pit too. we've done “tests” with peeps and diff sized marshmallows (don't waste your time with the giant marshmallows- they take so long to cook inside that its just a mess. not a good mess.

    hot dogs on a stick are super fun too!


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