DIY: rubber boot disaster

Last week the middle two kids were busy at a week long nature sprites adventure camp.

Part of camp experience included a trip to the pond searching for pond life meaning they needed a pair of rubber boots to enable them to get up close and personal.

Small problem.

At the beginning of summer both kids outgrew their rubber boots which lead to a rubber boot scavenger hunt.

Thankfully I found a pair for both of them but trying to find a girlie pair for giggles was impossible this time of year.

We made due with the ugly black ones but I didn’t want to leave them that way.

A Pinterest pinned posted a great DIY rubber boot fix so I thought I would give it a whirl.

I scrubbed the rubber boots to get all the pond guck off.

Then I taped the soles of the boots so they wouldn’t get spray painted.

Then I took the boots out to the garage put them on a piece of cardboard and sprayed them this beautiful sparkle purple.

Great right.

I purchased Coordinating purple ribbon to adorn the back of the boots.


Well that was Friday.

Today is Monday and the boots are still tacky to the touch.

They have weird water like marks and the paint is streaked and runny.

Not only am I confused as to what my next step is but, I don’t know if these boots are ever going to dry.
What am I going to do with them if they don’t?
I put them out on the front step yesterday hoping the summer sun should cure the paint.

It didn’t.

Now it’s rainy and overcast so the boots are sitting on top of the eating bar.

Now what?
Will the paint dry?
Will this blunder right itself?
I’m not sure…
Stupid Pinterest and all their wonderful DIY projects!!

Maybe I should just stick to pinning recipes and shellac nails.
At least that turns out!

Have you tried a pin that didn’t work out?
Would you ever try another one?


39 thoughts on “DIY: rubber boot disaster

  1. Oh my goodness, you poor thing. I was thinking what Mariana said, maybe it needed a special type of paint for the rubber? As far as pinterest, everything I have tried turned out well. Then again I use simple projects or food. I am not adventurous as you are with the whole ribbons and recreating things LOL. I hope it works well for you and the paint dries.


  2. wow I would be upset if I had a fail like this for my little girl.. I have not tried much on pinterest but their are a lot of things I would love to try.. but now I am worried they may not work lol


  3. i'm so sorry you have a fail too. i've had many. there was this chicken dish that was pinned hundreds of times. so naturally i made a HUGE batch

    not one person in my house could stomach it.

    waste of time and money 😦


  4. Oh wow! Yeah, it more than likely had to do with the type of paint you were using. In the post the idea came from, did it mention a specific paint to use? What I would do is just put them in the sink or bath tub and wash all the paint off. Then I would see if the post had the paint you should use, or comment on it asking. Then start over. 🙂


  5. I feel your pain! Yes, I tried a recipe that called for quite a bit of curry. I thought wow that's a lot, but still tried it because the pin looked so pretty, lol. Epic FAIL. Oh well, I still love pinning. Sorry about the boots. 😦


  6. Oh wow! It definitely seemed like a great idea…I truly hope you resolve the problem. And yes, I have had a few Pinterest fails, mainly recipes that everyone was pinning, and of course, me assuming they must be right, made a bunch of different ones (appetizers) for my grandson's birthday party, and I could not stand the taste of even one of them…I guess I should have made them ahead of time and tried them first, lol.


  7. Oh noooo.. So sorry to hear your “disaster”…. maybe it was the wrong paint? Have you got it to try yet? It sure sounded like a great idea and don't give up, try it with a different paint once it dries.. what could you possibly lose…?? Loved that you shared this with us, because not everything on Pinterest works well for everyone, I know I have my shares, too


  8. I'm a huge fan of pinterest and just about everything I've tried has worked out– just did a necklace yesterday. I think that some paints don't work with rubber because there are no pores in the rubber for it to adhere to– which is why rubber is waterproof. I would scrub it off.


  9. aww, too bad it did not worked 😦 but if i am not mistaken there is a rubber-based paint that you can use for rubbers such as boots and i think thin layer of coat – let it dry – then go do another thin layer – like do it over and over until you're happy with it…this is of course if you're thinking of saving that boots..goodluck!♥

    as for pinterest – it never failed me so far♥ huggies,


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