Apple cinnamon loaf and the sweet smell of fall

Here in Alberta our mornings have a comforting chill to them.
So much so there are days when I wonder if I should be packing mittens in the kids back packs for the ride to school.

By afternoon its warm and summery, but the mornings are the first taste to the changes that are coming.
The leaves are changing colors and to be honest with you they are the most beautiful shades of Red, yellow and orange leaves I have ever seen. 
Sweaters will be put on and the a.c will be turned off, pumpkin spice lattes are on my “need to drink list” and jeans will become a regular staple again. 
Though if you know me at all you can rest assure that I am still going to go barefoot.  
We can’t get too crazy now.

The geese have been migrating south for almost a month now assuring us that fall is just around the corner.   The apple tree that hugs the fence between myself and our neighbors has been sharing it’s fruit with us for a too.
Sometimes I get to the apples before the two year old.
Sometimes I find a half eaten one on the deck kicking myself to be just a little faster!
Last year I made 3 apple pies and some apple sauce.
This year I whipped up two batches of this yummy apple cinnamon loaf and still have apples.
(don’t worry, I will share the recipe with you!)
when I was preparing the first batch I wasn’t paying attention.  
 *read I was on the phone with my mother and we got to chatting* and before I knew it the entire ingredient list got dumped in a bowl and mixed together. Oops!!

The second loaf  {pictured below) I did “correctly”.

I love that with baking you can totally screw up and it still tastes yummy.
Plus I love that you can swap out ingredients for healthier options and the end product tastes much better than the original. 
I think I might tweak the recipe again and make some mini muffins which are perfect additions to the kids lunches.  Fall is going to by as quickly as summer did so I need to get started on our fall bucket list.  Yup…time to start thinking about that too!
Have you compiled your list?
Or are you still finishing up your summer bucket list?


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