Fall 2013 bucket list

Now, we might not have had a chance to checked off everything of our Summer Bucket List 2013 but we made it work and got a few things scratched off. 

I have been busy pulling ideas together for our Fall 2013 bucket list to keep the fun rolling.  Some of these you may remember from our list last year. My hope is that we continue our adventures with lots of laughter and joy along the road.

So, here goes!

  1. Take the kids on a family vacation to Disneyland {shh!! Don’t tell}
  2. go to the ocean and search for seashells.
  3. pick apples & bake an apple cinnamon loaf
  4. Play in a huge pile of newly raked leaves.
  5. Go to a pumpkin patch.
  6. Get a book on local birds and go bird watching.
  7. Go to a fall festival.
  8. Go on a leaf nature walk.
  9. Paint on leaves.
  10. Go on the local “Scarecrow Walk”.
  11. Cook chili together.
  12. Make pumpkin pie.
  13. Roast pumpkin seeds.
  14. Do a painted pumpkin seed craft.
  15. Skip rocks at a lake or river.
  16. Bake apples.
  17. Visit a pumpkin patch.
  18. Carve a jack-o-lantern.
  19. Drink warm apple cider on a chilly nighttime nature walk.
  20. Make bird feeders.
  21. Have a kid friendly Halloween party.
  22. Make a scarecrow.
  23. Make applesauce.
  24. Go for a walk and watch the sunset.
  25. Go trick or treating.
  26. Make pumpkin cinnamon rolls.
  27. Have an outdoor photo session. {at the beach!}
  28. Cuddle up and watch a kid friendly movie
  29. Build a bat house. 
  30. Do leaf rubbings.
  31. Go on a hayride.
  32. Make Thanksgiving pumpkin and gingerbread trifle.
  33. Draw an autumn themed mural with sidewalk chalk.
  34. Climb trees.
  35. Make a kite.
  36. Fly kites.
  37. Have a bonfire & enjoy smores
  38. Make pumpkin pies.
  39. Create a fall wreath.
  40. Make pinecone turkeys.
  41. Pick up litter.
  42. Lay back and watch the sky for bats.
  43. Create leaves with colored glue.
  44. Go through a corn maze.
  45. Make and play with fall themed play dough.
  46. Celebrate Thanksgiving.
  47. Blow rainbow bubbles in puddles.
  48. Have a fall book read-a-thon 
  49. Create a Thanksgiving leaf garland.
  50. Create a fall centerpiece for the table.
  51. Go puddle jumping.
  52. Draw with chalk on the wet ground.

What are you most excited about for fall? 
What would you add to your bucket list?

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26 thoughts on “Fall 2013 bucket list

  1. That is an awesome fall list! Our main must do things include going to a pumpkin farm, carving pumpkins, trick or treating, lots and lots of baking and more!


  2. WOW.. an impressive but fun list… My bucket list is to travel home to Germany… Shhh 8 month sand we will be there… Soo wish I could add picking apples to our list, my kids have never seen an apple tree.. I guess we could say pick oranges?? that's what we have down here in Florida.. Good luck with your list, I bet it will be a blast


  3. Those are all great ideas! We used to go camping in some cabins up in the mountains every fall. There was an orchard nearby with apples, pears and some other fruit. I'd love to do that this year, we haven't gone in a couple years.


  4. You have a long and amazing bucket list for the fall. I think it is such a great idea to have bucket lists like this to make life better rather than waiting until one is on her deathbed to do a bucket list.


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