Rotisserie Turkey or the day I let go of thanksgiving

I’m not exactly sure when or where I picked up the impression that Thanksgiving had to be “my” thing.
Translated: I get to spend  hours slaving over a hot stove preparing four or five side dishes and fretting over the turkey making sure everything was just “so.” {by choice!}
I’m not sure what changed in my thinking because all while I was growing up I remember my dad was the one who cooked and prepared Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinner and let me tell you he makes one hell of a bird.  
Perhaps I was trying to squeeze my feet into his shoe? 
I’m not sure but I have slowly been realizing that I don’t have to do everything. 
No one asked me too.
 Thanksgiving would still be thanksgiving without a bird.  
We could order a pizza but as long as the entire family was here it would still be special.
{ground breaking eh!}
So, This year I passed the responsibility on to my husband and we did Thanksgiving his way.
 Truthfully I was pleasantly surprised!
He has been wanting to rotisserie a turkey for as long as we have been married so this year we did it.
A few of you have been asking how it turned out and how we did it.
First we soaked the turkey in a brine.
Ideally we should have soaked the Turkey overnight if you want a moist, flavorful turkey but we were on a time crunch so we only had 5 hours but it was still full of flavor and very moist.
We whipped up a batch of seasoning and every 20 min. either myself or my hubby was outside basting the turkey.

Rotisserie Turkey
2 teaspoons black pepper
2 tablespoons dried parsley
2 t
ablespoons dried rosemary
2 teaspoons salt
4 garlic cloves, minced
1 teaspoon sage
1 teaspoon paprika
Turkey Stuffing
1 medium onion (cut into 8 equal parts)
1 apple (cored cut into 8 thick slices)
Pan Liquids
2 cups beer (water or juce)

Read more on how to rotisserie a turkey :

I wished we had of taken a picture of the bird when it was finished but we were running to get it carved and onto the table. 
Typical eh!
 I avoided the turkey hang over and now I am faced with left over Turkey meat.
 I have to figure out the best way to use it all up.
What’s your favorite Turkey Recipe?

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2 thoughts on “Rotisserie Turkey or the day I let go of thanksgiving

  1. This made me laugh for some reason! This is such a good idea. This is the first Thanksgiving that I will be cooking at my own home and I have been looking for ways to not make it as difficult as it sounds. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Angi, Ahh, the First Thanksgiving. I remember ours like it was yesterday and honestly I think that's where the trap was set and I was caught! Visions of perfect garlic mashed potatoes without lumps, miles of side dishes with every color imaginable and gravy that didn't come out of a packet. {lol} Thanksgiving doesn't have to be tough and I am so glad we BBQ our Turkey this year. Granted, we might have to dig it out of the snow for Christmas so I am not sure if we will be able to go this route for the next holiday. Dang!
    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with Love, laughter and friends.
    Thanks for stopping by!


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