Changes and milestones


Technically it isn’t even “winter” yet but I for one am already tired of all the snow and cold.

Well more the bitter cold then anything.

We are more than used to the snow since yearly we get almost 50″ of the powdery white stuff but it gets a little overwhelming when the driveway needs to be cleared not once not twice but three times throughout the day.

It was so cold yesterday (-40C with the windchill) that the kids missed their last swimming lesson. Trust me, we can handle the cold but it’s darn near impossible to drive to the pool or even to back out of the driveway when 3 out of 4 tires are almost flat.

So the kids missed their last lesson but we headed to the pool to pick up their report cards then we mustered our way to the grocery store.

Around here we always know the weather is warming up when it starts to snows which it did late Saturday afternoon.

I couldn’t tell if I wanted to laugh or cry.

I decided to ignore the weather and the glitches on my blog and instead I curled up on the sofa with my book.

I’ll figure out plugins tomorrow when I can curl up on my chair with a steaming mug of coffee.

It’s hard to figure out anything with little people always needing something from me.

Today saw more changes..

I coloured my hair black.


I’m sure my mother is beside herself and I can already hear her protest that “I have such lovely hair” “if God wanted you to have black hair he would have given you that”. The change is wonderfully needed to be totally honest with you.
I’ve been doing that quite a bit the last couple of days.

My hubby turned 35 {{gasp}}!!


So I whipped up two birthday deserts.
I made a yummy red velvet cake and my first lemon meringue pie.

My hubby got a beautiful fur lined winter hat and pop gun which promptly became a family favourite.

I knew this gift idea one was a winner when I saw 5 middle aged men gathered around the barrel “shooting” each either at the store.

I have a funny feeling that we might be getting three more soon…


Everyone had gone home, the dishes are done and we are starting to settle in for the night.

I’m looking forward to learning more wordpress tips tomorrow but for now I’m going to enjoy the laughter of my babies.

I just peaked at my weather app and to my horror more snow is in the forecast. The upcoming week will be a white one.
Perfect… Just perfect. {{groan}}


5 thoughts on “Changes and milestones

  1. Happy Birthday to the hubs! Your hair looks pretty black and finally I can’t agree with you more about snow, ice and cold! We got snow over the weekend and it has been bitterly cold here since. I always know it’s bad when the kids start complaining about hating the cold and snow.


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