And then there were…none?

Ack! I know that numbers are well, just numbers.
They don’t mean anything right?
I on purposely decided NOT to re-add my “numbered follow me” widget when I made the big move over from blogger.
And don’t think for one second that I regret that.
I think my blog looks cleaner and as another blogger reminded me numbers can be faked.
Yes, there are bloggers who do this.
Lots of bloggers actually so it’s nice that I’m getting a fresh start with this blog.
My only concern was losing the followers I had from my old blog.
I had forgotten that I needed to head back and claim “this” blog to re-direct my traffic here.
I just did that on Bloglovin and I will admit it was a little startling to see a big fat zero.
None, nada, zilch.
So now, I am fighting with blogger to re-direct my traffic here.
{it’s not working}.
I am fighting with plugins
{that’s not working either}
And I am wondering if there is a “word press for dummies” book that perhaps should be wrapped up with a big red bow and placed under my tree?
This entire experience has been an interesting one.
I have had the opportunity to see where my heart really is and it’s surprising me to be totally honest with you.
Followers come and go but I need to be true to who I am first.
I will share the most mundane stuff, the funny stuff, the stupid stuff and everything in between.
But I won’t be posting anymore numbers.
After all, numbers are just numbers.


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