Common blogger blunders

Image There are so many things that never even crossed my mind when I made the switch from blogger to word press last week.

I think as bloggers a lot of the time we are busy trying to put our hands into so many topics we aren’t really even sure what topic we love the most.

{I am guilty of this one hands down for sure!}

It’s only been in the last couple of days that I have had the time to really sit down and think about what I think still needs to be done to get Adventures With Four the place where I want my blog to be.

{perhaps I am entering into a season of growth??!}

directs to my new blog but that might be a time sucking vortex.

{ I am passing on this}.  I made sure my links are current with the big ones like facebook, twitter and pinterest so I should be good right?

At least for now.

I have been perusing the web looking out all sorts of popular blogs and looking at some not so popular blogs.  Trying to put my finger on the pulse to see what makes those blogs tick.

I’ve been making notes of  what I like, what inspires me to learn more about this craft, what annoys the crap out of me and even a few things I am still “on the fence” about.

What inspires me: The internet has so many tutorials that even a newbie like me can teach herself how to blog more effectively.  Helpful bloggers willing to offer advice or willing to pointing you in the right direction .

What annoys me: snowflake graphics or anything else dancing across my screen.  Especially the tracers that some bloggers thought were neat when a user is clicking around on their page.

stop that.

It slows down my machine and makes me want to leave.

Blogs that greet their readers with music.

I get it, you like your honkytonk country but I like my quiet time clicking around on the net.  If I wanted music I have hundreds of songs at my disposal and we unfortunately have much different tastes.  Can I recommend The Crystal Method?

What I’m on the fence about:  Bloggers that send you a “thank you email” for commenting on their blog.  My email is already chocked full of junk email that I deposit daily into the trash.  I’m not sure if this is effective use of time or not.

Blogs with pop ups encouraging me to like their page or subscribe to their RSS feed.

I know, don’t point fingers because when you do there are three pointing back at you.  I can take my lumps just as well as I can dish them out and these are just my opinions so you can take them or leave them. I know you have yours too. What inspired you to blog? What gets under your skin and are you like me and there are still some things that you on the fence about?

Blogging is a lot harder than it looks.  Sometimes putting yourself out there for the world to critique feels a lot like streaking down the middle of a football stadium.

{not that I have ever done that}

I’m still learning… and trying and growing.  But, for heaven sakes if I forget and start to become annoying please tell me!!

That’s what friends do and you and me, we are in this for the long haul so best get used to my quirkiness!


27 thoughts on “Common blogger blunders

  1. I’ve thought about these very things. I don’t like the things that jump around the screen “tempting” me to buy or sell or hit or like or fly. I don’t need the music, and a “thank you”, although very polite, is, well, kinda silly in my opinion. I, too, use, and I’ve been thinking about switching to .org. I would like to know why you chose .com instead of ,org. Thanks!


  2. Blogging for me is always a continuious journey, growth… setbacks.. back and forth. One thing remains is that I always love it! I agree, I am not a fan of music or automatic ads with sounds. Oftentime I am working at an odd hour and the house is quiet or something is sleeping and it scares the pants off me!


  3. totally agree and we have the same pet peeve.. I hate music on a blog,totally drives me crazy with pop ups all over the place and I hate the thank you e-mails.. unfortunately my program recently changed and now is sending e-mails.. still trying to get this fixed.. BUT it’s not something I did and had to have.. but still drives me crazy..thanks for sharing and I’m glad it’s NOT just me…


  4. What a great article. I am always learning and always changing. I send notes to those who leave comments, but they are always personal. I hope that people know that. I will think about what you have said.


  5. I think you are onto something. When I started to blog, I started with blogger, too, and thought, ok, I just need to write. I remember struggling with what to write and then it just got easier and easier. But, it felt random. I switched to WordPress and become much more focused on my topics. Of course, I just added more blogs, too 🙂


  6. i hate popups. i do. one blog i visited i had to close THREE popups to see the post. i left before i read. i love the you point one finger and 3 point back at you. you should make that into tshirts.


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