Beware of Facebook groups


Like most of us on Facebook I belong to a Bunch of different groups ranging from blogger friends too chit chatting with the old high school gang.

I yap with the ladies that I shared three pregnancies (and two losses with) plus the ladies from Bible study has our own little page too.

Groups I have actively asked to either be a member of or have been asked by another mutual friend to be a part of.

Groups of people that I know and have a commonality with.

So warning bells should have been triggered a little over a week ago when I noticed that I was added to a group on Facebook.

I peeked at the group bit never posted.

I waited to see if the admin of the group would welcome me or message me.

She didn’t.

I questioned being added to the group.
Into a group I didn’t chose by someone I didn’t know but instead of a reply or an apology I was deleted from the group.

Umm ok.

Something felt wrong about the entire mess so take this as a friendly reminder.

If you know of an awesome group you want to share with friends and family “ask” before you “add”.

Better yet send an invite and let them decide for themselves.

And that little voice telling you somehow is amiss…listen!

It will save you grief and heartache.


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