Would this make me a redneck?

Sometimes I do the oddest things.
Today I surprised even myself and did two.
A while ago I saw the most ridiculous picture on the chive. Somebody had turned a toaster sideways and used it to make a grill cheese sandwich.
Seriously who doesn’t like a grilled cheese sandwich right?

So I flipped my toaster on its side (forgot about all the stupid crumbs) and inserted two pieces of bread topped with cheese and pushed the button down.
I was grinning like the Cheshire cat.
My oldest daughter wasn’t exactly amused.
Actually she thought I’m downright weird.
I totally forgot how “well” my toaster works so it’s a good thing I tucked a plate right underneath it because when that sucker popped the grilled cheese sandwich rocketed out of my toaster nearly bouncing off the plate.

I’ll admit it’s a little strange being able to make a grilled cheese sandwich that way but it’s a lot healthier because I didn’t have all that butter.

And boy was it fast!
See, sometimes quirky things college kids dream up is doable!


perhaps I have spent too much time in the house these last few days due to all the snow?
Speaking if snow I decided that I would shovel off the back deck this way the kids can actually use the backyard to play in.

Shocking right.

I cleared off the deck and now the deck is level with the snowdrifts.


I couldn’t find the deck stairs and when I waded out into the snow it was hovering dangerously high up my thigh.

Visions of my foot coming out if my boot kept me close to the house.

I found the top step but the others are Mia.
While I was digging us out I found our fancy barbecue.
I pushed it out of the way and brushed off all the extra snow so technically it’s functional.


I sure hope so because I got a hankering for a homemade barbecue burger and I’m not wanting to wait till spring!
Snow up to my knees and the temperature is hovering around -18C and I want to fire that bad boy up and cook a burger with a side of onions.

Does this make me a redneck or just weird like my oldest claims I am?



22 thoughts on “Would this make me a redneck?

  1. I don’t even have a toaster like that or I would 1000% try that! Too funny. And nothing wrong with grilling in the winter. If you can get to your BBQ, you can use it without being a redneck. 🙂


  2. Quirky ideas are the best. You just have to make sure they are safe. I like my grilled cheese plain without all that butter. Thanks for the idea will have to try this. 🙂 My hubby grills outside in the winter snow all the time. The best times to do it is right after a long blizzard. So what if the neighbors think your nuts, maybe they’ll join you for a burger.


  3. I’ve stood outside in the rain holding an umbrella while my husband has grilled, and if we had propane in our tank right now we’d be grilling in the snow. Definitely not redneck. 🙂


    • Hey I’ve done that too!
      I’ve also maneuvered the barbecue so all I had to do was slide open the patio door and not actually have to step outside in order to put my burgers on the grill. :0)


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