I need a new hiding space

Because I have been found By the “dreaded” spammers.

Lately My inbox has become a breeding ground for ridiculous comments.

left on some of my older blog posts from my time with blogger.

(Shhhhh…they apparently haven’t found me on wordpress yet!)

Most of then are highly comical.
Filled with Grammatical errors and questionable spelling.

Sometimes their entire comment appears to be a strange mixture if numbers and symbols.
Which leaves me slightly confused.

Some of the comments are quite complementary.
If only I could edit out the link to “what every they are trying to sell me.com” I would have allowed them to post.

I have blogged a long time before “they” noticed me and now, I just want them to leave me alone.

My email has become one big junk pile spewing messages like this one:


Umm?? What?

And people wonder why I hardly ever use my email.

One feature I love about wordpress is the spam software that automatically filters all of that out so I don’t have too.

The odd “ham” post shows up but I have to click “approve” or “deleted” and I have only seen two of those since I moved over to wordpress.

My blogger site sends me anywhere from 5-10 messages a day.

Sometimes it feels like I am opening up a HTML treasure trove of junk mail.

No thanks.

Now I just have to figure out how to minimize the “leftover comments ” from my old blog.

3 quick tips to fight spam

1) don’t use your primary email address to sign up for anything.
(I’m horrible with this one)

2) take advantage of spam blocking software your email already has and make sure to report all spam.

3.) disguise your email address on blog comments and online in forums.
Ex. Crazy4you (at) wherever dot com

I’m hoping over time the emails will lessen but for now they dreaded spammers haven’t found me on WordPress and I’m planning in staying in the shadows!

How do you protect yourself from spammers?


34 thoughts on “I need a new hiding space

  1. I hear your pain, I’ve been getting a LOT of spam comments, but my plugin keeps them off the Blog and I delete them. BUT annoys me and they aren’t short comments, some are like pages long…


  2. Great tips! I have had to change my email more than once because of spam in my email and I have also had to remove spam comments from some of my blog posts! I often wondered how the heck do they find me? lol


  3. I have this theory that it’s all a game of trying to stay ahead of the curve. Why those spammers find it fun to create these little bots to waste everyone’s time is beyond me. Great post, loved the tips!


  4. You just need a good plugin to minimize the spam. I can ‘t remember the name of the one I use right now, but since I installed it, I have gotten virtually no spam. Be careful with Akismet. Many people are still using the free version, but you are supposed to pay for it if your site is commercial (i,e.) if you do any sponsored posts or urn ads, etc….


    • Me too! I can go days without checking my email and most times I’m just doing a mass delete to clear my inbox. **sigh** remember when email was filled with messages from friends and family?

      Sent from my iPhone



  5. I agree, Google does do a good job keeping the Spammers away and I learned the hard way, years ago when I started entering blog giveaways, not to use your whole email address in comments. Spam City, baby! Even now I hate having to leave comments with the xxx (at) dot com just because I feel one day they’ll find a way to figure those clever codes out and my inbox will once again be littered with spam. I also have separate email addresses – one strictly for my blog – one strictly for my other writing – and one I use for giveaways/sweeps etc. (where I find I get the most spam). It’s one of the pitfalls of using the internet, but I think you’ve got some great tips to keep them away as best you can!


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