Feel good tv

Perhaps this is a little tongue in cheek but I am not talking about the quality family friendly shows that leave you feeling all warm and gushy after the end of the episode.
Granted those are great and all but sometimes we just need to feel good about well, us.
Media has been spewing garbage for as long as I can remember telling me what I should look like, what my house should resemble and on and on it goes.
Sometimes it bothers me that I am not a barbie doll but most of the time I just carry on like normal.
My routine is pretty standard being I am a mom with 4 kids.
I love escaping into a drama or crime show because that’s pretend.
Not part of my normal every day existence.
You don’t see characters packing lunch bags or making beds. They have much more important tasks at hand like hunting down the bad guy.
Back when “Reality tv” phase hit the circuit I chose to click past “Jersey Shore” or ” The real Housewives” because what I had heard had already bored to tears.

But what about shows that spur change?

Two that have recently come to mind are “Canada’s worst driver ever” and “Hoarders”.
Seriously, The worst traffic infractions I have committed are in my own driveway.
Once I ran the truck into the mustang.
Oh wait, there were two.
The second time I scuffed our brand new truck{ a different one} while navigating the banks drive thru.
We have had our fair share of photo radar tickets but I tell my driving is stellar compaired to the drivers of this season on Canada’s Worst Driver Ever.
If you aren’t familiar with the show this season they brought back previous season drivers to compete for the unwanted title of “worst driver ever”. They set up a number of challenges that they would weed out who was a “better” driver than the rest. Understandably one of my favorite reality shows right now on t.v.
Perhaps its because I learn something each time I watch or because I look at these drivers and thankfully do not see myself.

The second show “Hoarders” which I have only seen a hand full of times. I do not watch very often because when I do a flurry of cleaning happens right after.
We are a busy household with 6 people under one roof.
Growing bodies lead to more stuff.
More stuff leads to less space and I am sure you can see where this is going to lead if I am not careful.
The only tango this girl does is the trash bag tango trying to wrestle out unwanted, discarded junk.
5 minutes is all it takes to either create the biggest mess I have seen in days.
I watch the show to remind myself that “when I grow up” I do not want to be the either the “hoarder” that lives down the street or the crazy cat lady with 30 cats.
I bet there is a show about that too but I haven’t seen that one in the t.v. listings.

What about you?
What shows do you watch to feel good about yourself?
Have you seen either of the shows that I mentioned?
{did Kevin’s driving scare the crap out of you too?}


22 thoughts on “Feel good tv

    • My favourite is “Canada’s worst driver”
      My high school buddy was in Season 6 with Dale from this season.
      They driving challenges are really interesting and it makes me wonder if I could do them myself!


    • I totally agree.
      At least help is available if they are willing to get the help that they need.
      We lived down the street from a hoarder and to my knowledge they never did get the help they needed.


    • I hear ya!!
      I’m a Christian too and I really enjoyed watching true blood (the Sookie stackhouse books are way better minus all the HBO sex and graphic language and violence that isn’t in the books.)
      Walking dead scared the crap out of me!! Roflmao


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