Don’t be afraid to make a mess

Looking for ways to help your preschooler explore their world?
Toddlers are natural explorers and love learning about the world around them.

Sensory bins a great way to encourage learning and will keep your little ones engaged while developing new skills.

They are super easy to make and budget friendly too.

Don’t be afraid to let your little ones get messy!

Our first sensory box:


I picked up the plastic bin with lid for just under eight dollars and filled it with:
*split green beans
*black beans
*Romano beans
*pot barley
*bag of decorative stones.

I also purchased some new construction vehicles to create our “dumping and pouring” sensory bin.

Two toddlers can play comfortably with the size of this bin and when play is over the bin slides under the bed for perfect storage.


I also found this great Math manipulative over at the measured mom (And it’s free too!!) which we used to extend our play.

Do your kids enjoy sensory tubs? What’s their favorite ingredients?


20 thoughts on “Don’t be afraid to make a mess

  1. That’s a great idea, especially when kids cannot play outside and are stuck with usually a few items. Bringing in a box with plenty of different items is also in a small way recreating the outdoors experience.


  2. Shame on me, I didn’t even know what a sensory bin was until I read this post. 😦 On the up side, I let them play with all kinds of stuff when they were little so I guess our house was just one big sensory bin!


    • Actually it’s funny you mentioned that.
      My daughters spend more time playing in this sensory box then my son does!
      Normally I try and stick to “themes” so they are great for both genders 🙂


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