over year ago I wrote a post titled Why do I tuck my iPhone In at night In it I muddled my way through trying to figure out what exactly the attraction was between myself and technology.

A year later I am still tethered and asking the same question.

I would like to think I’ve made small changes and it’s not as bad as it was but some days I’m not so sure.

Still, the downside is I always feel connected.  A false sense of connection really.

I check my email  throughout the day so it’s surprising to me just how easily I get sucked back into “one more email” then I’ll turn off the iphone and go to bed mentality.

Technology – it’s a blessing and a curse, right?  I’ve tried to take a digital sabbatical of sorts and for the most part I have failed.

Miserably.  Something always happens and I catch myself  grabbing my phone to look something up for someone or see if there has been a break in the news story I am wrapped up in.

This weekend I’m going to try again.

I am taking a mini vacation.

I would love to take Two whole days off and get some freedom, but I need to decide if I want to totally unplug. If I turn off the iPhone, I will surely be welcomed back to reality on Monday with hundreds of emails. If I keep it on, however, my mind will likely not get the total escape it needs.

I’ve decided that email and junk mail have this one thing in common.
They are both time sucking demons!

My body needed a break from the daily grind, and I know my mind needs it too.

Thus, I need to hide the tech for the weekend.
I just might need to hide my phone in my purse!

This weekend I’m going to spend more time looking up at the stars and less time looking down at a screen.

I deserve the break and you do too!

Do you find it hard to break away from the technology on vacation?

Does your work expect you to stay plugged in?


29 thoughts on “Unplugged

  1. I am the same way! I think it's easy for me to walk away, but as the boys need or want to use my computer, I hear myself say, “Just let me read this one last email,” or “Let me finish this one last thing.” and my phone is usually next to me.
    This last weekend we were in Northern Wisconsin and had spotty data coverage at best. I was extremely frustrated to find out that I couldn't keep track of my blog, send instagram photos, etc. Maybe I'm in line for an intervention 😉


  2. I’m similar, but I don’t see it as a curse unless it’s interrupting family time. I’m happy to unplug on vacations. Even manage to handle it for a few days if something is down. For the most part, I unplug when my husband comes home from work at night. That allows family time, an evening with my husband, and then I’m not worried about anything by the time I go to bed. I’ll be there in the morning. 😛


  3. it is really hard to break away. especially as a person who works in social media. and we have even found apps to help locate stars and planets where you are located so even when we are outside, sometimes we bring the tech OUT. we make a point of turning it back off and putting it in our pocket.


  4. I do completely unplug, or rather, turn off and plug IN my phone to charge every night, and on weekends I try to half way unplug by staying away from Facebook and most social media unless it’s an emergency. I do still check emails on the weekends but don’t usually respond to anything until Monday, again, unless its an emergency. I find that even this small unplugging REALLY helps me to get that break without making me feel like I will have hundreds of emails if I miss a huge chunk of time.


  5. Until a year or so ago I did not even carry a cell phone. Now my kids joke that it is my fourth child. I now check my social media on a constant basis. I could not imagine not having access to the internet for an extended amount of time.


  6. I am always scared I’ll miss that one email that would be amazing. LOL Life of a professional blogger I suppose. But in my favor, I do not answer emails on weekends. Come Friday, I am blog free until Sunday night when I start my posts for the upcoming weeks.


    • I hardly ever get email that’s worth keeping. Most of my email is for male enhancement products or from a “long lost relative” so it’s easy to “delete all” but sometimes I get something more important. Lol


  7. I wouldn’t be able to do it. Hubby gets upset with me because we’ll be watching a movie and I’ll have to check my phone every couple of minutes. He’s even hidden it from me once because of that. 🙂


  8. I only got an iPhone last year, held out for as long as I could! It just made sense because as a yoga instructor, I no longer needed to carry CD’s around with me (sigh)… I am a bit addicted to it, but I am also pretty good at letting it go when I feel the need. For me, I feel a massive difference when I take a day or more off from all media. I feel refreshed, and released of stress.


  9. Before I retired my real job (as a called it) expected me to be plugged in 24/7 no matter where I was. I even received calls at my father’s funeral. Since leaving the rat race 5 years ago – it is amazing how much better I live! A lot less weekly income! 🙂 I think employers feel you are their employee 24/7 – especially if you have a high level management job. Not a good thing!


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