sharing the Good News!

I didn’t grow up in church.

I spent most of my Sunday mornings growing up with a bowl full of sugary cereal glued to the tv watching cartoons.

Easter had always been about the chocolate bunnies, the brightly coloured eggs and getting a new dress to proudly wear to church on Easter Sunday. ( we were Christmas and Easter Christians but that’s a story for another time.)

I’ve changed a lot since Those days long ago. (still like a bowl of captain crunch though…shh! Don’t tell!)

My husband and I have been changing how we walk out our own faith in a real and tangible way our kids can understand.

Our middle daughter brought home her own set of “Resurrection Eggs” from church last night.

I didn’t really realize at first what I was holding in my hands but after a closer inspection and I’m super excited to be able to use them this Easter.

I know this isn’t a “new concept” but it’s new to me!
With a toddler in our home Easter can be a little complicated to explain in a way that she can understand.

Resurrection eggs are an effective tool in teaching about the significant parts in the story of Jesus dying on the cross for our sins and then rising again in defeat over death.

If you are not familiar with them, they are a set of twelve eggs that you open up one a day (like an advent calendar) in the twelve days leading up to Easter.

Each egg has an object and a corresponding bible verse that talks about a part of the Easter story.

Basically, it’s just a tangible tool for teaching about the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus.



The Eggs are pretty easy to make and most of the materials you can purchase at the dollar store or a craft store. (no Pinterest fails here!)

-clean egg carton
– permanent marker
-12 brightly colored plastic eggs.

Her set of eggs had all of the scripture references glued onto the inside of the egg carton.

Depending on how this goes I might make my own tags and tuck one inside each corresponding egg so the readers in the family have to wait for each day to unfold.

So what’s in her eggs?

I’ve included the scripture reference along with what’s tucked into her egg.

Egg #1: Matthew 26: 14-16
Judas betrayed Jesus for thirty pieces of silver.
*30 pieces of “silver” ( 30 sequins tied together)

Egg #2: Matthew 26: 26-29
At the last supper Jesus told His disciples that he would be going to His fathers kingdom.
*Bread for the last supper (she has a little glass stone)

Egg #3 Matthew 26: 47- 58
When Jesus was arrested they came with swords and clubs.
* wooden sword

Egg #4 Matthew 26: 69-75
Peter denied knowing Jesus three times and the rooster crow just as Jesus had said.
* fuzzy yellow chick

Egg #5 Matthew 27: 1-5
They tied Jesus hands with rope when he was brought before Pilate the governor.
* small piece of twine

Egg #6 Matthew 27: 27-31
Soldiers placed a crown of thorns on Jesus hadn’t made fun of him
* crown of thorns

Egg #7 Matthew 27: 32-38
Jesus was nailed to the cross.
* small Woden cross

Egg#8 Matthew 27:48
After six hours on the cross someone gave Jesus a drink of sour wine with a reed and sponge
* toothpick with small sponge attached to the tip.

Egg# 9 Matthew 27-59
After Jesus died, they wrapped his body in linen cloth.
* small piece of fabric

Egg# 10 Matthew 27:60
A Large stone was rolled against the entrance to the tomb where his body lay.
* stone

Egg #11 Matthew 28:2
Three days past. An earthquake occurred. An angel rolled the stone away and sat on it.
* small angel figurine

Egg #12 Matthew 28:5-6
Angel said: ” Do not be afraid. The tomb is empty. Jesus is risen!”
* this egg is empty!!


This will be my first year trying a different approach to sharing with our little ones the story of Easter.

So, if you have used the Resurrection Eggs before, do you have any tips? And if you don’t use the eggs, how do you teach (or plan to teach) your kids about Easter?

This momma needs to know. 🙂


55 thoughts on “sharing the Good News!

  1. I’ve never heard of this before but it’s definitely an interesting idea. Easter isn’t a religious holiday in our family, for us it’s all about the bunnies, baskets and eggs.


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