Winds of change

There’s a saying in our parts.
If you don’t like the weather wait 5 minutes.
It will change.
Spring time in Alberta is a fickle creature.
One minute the warm sun is shining and the next it’s over cast and snowing.
In the course of a week we can go from -30 with the wind chill to +14.
I wish I was kidding.
If you were to take a peak in my front closet You would find our winter boots lined up next to our sneakers.
Spring jackets hung up in between parka. It’s seriously that ridiculous.
How do you even figure out what you’re supposed to wear in the course of the day if the weather can fluctuate that drastically?

It’s finally starting to feel like spring.
The nights are getting longer and the sun is finally greeting us we get up in the morning.

The disappearing snow has revealed ugly brown grass and trash that has blown in over the last few months.

Change is in the air and I am desperately trying to embrace it.

There is a lot more changing than just the weather….

I feel like I am changing too.

I’ve been posting less often but that doesn’t mean I have less to say.

Real life is always more exciting than what you see online anyways.

We have been busy living life.

We’ve seen some movies, had dinner with friends and officially eaten more popcorn than recommended I’m sure.

Sometimes life gets a little busy in a good way.

I mentioned before that my husband and I are changing the way our family does life together.

We added meal time devotions and after a few awkward meals together it has fast become a family favorite.

God has been changing our priorities so they line up with his.

He’s been opening our eyes and our ears to the things he wants for us.
It’s excising and scary all at the same time.

He has changed who we were in the last chapter of our lives to what he wants us to be in this chapter of our lives.

I’m not the same person I was a year ago for sure.

Sometimes the winds of change blow unexpectedly bringing a refreshing where you didn’t even realize you were dry.

So far God has taught me:
-to trust him for he is trustworthy.
– He is giving me ears to hear.
-a change in focus changes everything.
-God speaks in the mundane. Ordinary often the disguise of the Divine.
– He works all things together for my good.
-today difficulties are the result from yesterday’s disobedience so obey him today .
– you will never grown if you don’t spend time in His word.
-I need a “God margin” in my life. The space in my life between my resources and the goal he has for my life.
-behavior does not determine identity

So even when I’m ankle deep in missing socks God is with me.



29 thoughts on “Winds of change

  1. It is nice that the weather is finally getting nice again! I feel like things are changing here too, big time! We are expecting in July and our world is about to get turned upside down, again!


  2. I agree with Robin above!!! lol I live in Maine and the weather here is absolutely crazy. I remember many times driving on the interstate, and it being perfectly clear, and then all of a sudden I’m driving through a white-out blizzard that came out of nowhere!


  3. I love how little changes can end up making a huge difference in the long run. Teaching your kids to pray at meals is something small but they can teach their kids and the ripple continues on for generations. – Katy


    • We changed that too! Instead of the ones we learned as a child we are teaching our kids to really think about what we are praying about and praying for. When the three year old prays we get some pretty colorful prayers that’s for sure!


  4. I live in Florida, it rains for 20 minutes and then it’s back to super hot. People say we are in Spring, I can’t tell because it’s always hot. I have been going through a lot of personal changes, it’s kind of interesting to look back at the person I used to be a few years back. Change is inevitable, I hope these changes bring you lots of good things : )


  5. We have the same saying here in Texas. It will be 50 or 60 first thing in the morning and 80 by mid afternoon… CRAZY – but like you said, trust in GOD that things are how they should be


  6. Sounds like you guys are doing great! I love the idea of family meal time, and we’re always the type to embrace change. We’ve tried to fight it in the past, and it just lead to more difficulties.


  7. Spring is no where to be found in New York City! And yes thankfully God is ALWAYS with us, even when we don’t think he is! πŸ™‚


  8. Awesome post… and from a fellow Albertan! πŸ˜‰ We’re in the Rockies, and it’s pretty extreme. Every single day I look at the entryway closet with dread… all of the winter boots, running shoes, rubber boots and sandals mixed in together. Never mind all the different coats and hoodies! Yikes. I just pray for no flooding this year.


  9. What a great story! I can sympathize with fickle weather. I live in Ohio and we always keep 3 seasons of clothing in our closets/drawers. It can be 70 @ Christmas and 50 in August, LOL. I am glad that you have spending extra time with your family. Happy Spring!


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