There and back again??


How is it possible that I can emerge myself in His word, Write notes on three different chapters.
Highlight and underline what stood out to me.
Sometimes double underline.

Scribble notes in the margin.

Then turn around and forget I was ever in the book?

I just don’t get it .
I’m an avid reader.

I can pick up a book.
Any book.
I can read it cover to cover a dozens of times over and like a conversation a string of “what happens” next will flood my memory.
So much so I can flip past sections because that particular part bothered me or bored me.


Without fail.

But apparently that just doesn’t ring true anymore!
If anyone had of asked me a couple of weeks ago if I had read anything from the book of Judges I would have shook my head and told you nope!
And I would have believed I was telling the truth.
I was so excited to take up this spring bible study “Gideon” by Priscilla shirer because this study would take me into unfamiliar waters and push me deeper into the context then I ever would have been able to on my own.
I always find I learn more if I’m armed with a colored highlighter and a workbook.
Up until yesterday I was convince I had never been in that section.
That Was Until I took a “new” Bible with me to church yesterday morning and flipped to the familiar pages in Judges.
I was startled to see that I had already met God on those pages.

But none of it tugged at my memory.

Obviously I had participated but “poof something happened and I completely forgotten everything he had said.
Am I suffering from spiritual amnesia?!? This doesn’t make any sense!
See… I can’t make this stuff up.
Underlined with notes even.


Ah what?!?

How did that happen?!?

I just don’t get it.

Has that ever happened to you?
Have you ever flipped through the pages of a book and magazine and not remembered ?

Our pastor taught us that “There are no accidental encounters with Jesus.” @DarrenHerbold

Darren encouraged us to question if we were spending enough time with God.

He shared That obedience requires faith and some of the hurdles we face are:

taking the easy road

The biggest temptation in this world is often to do what is easy, not what is right. We fear what others people will think about it.

Faith is public not private
– we don’t have to understand him completely in order to obey him immediately.

Partial obedience is still disobedience.

Obedience brings greater recognition of who God is.

Obedience bring us to a place of astonishment.

I’m trying to spend enough time with him and there are days when I fall painfully short.

But I’m not always obedient.

Maybe I forgot what he had told me before simply because I didn’t do what he asked me to do with it.

He asked me to write it down what I saw him do in our lives and what words he had for me.

So simple right.
How hard is that to pick up my empty journal that I have sitting on my bedside table and just write.

Did I do it?
sigh No.
I didn’t.

But, he is a God of second chances so.

I’m changing my response…

Jesus, because you say so…
Whenever, wherever, whatever,


17 thoughts on “There and back again??

  1. No matter what you are reading, if it isn’t applicable to your life at the time, or quite fascinating, your mind will toss it somewhere in a back room and try to forget it. On another day, the words may have stronger meaning for you, on that day they just didn’t.


  2. I absolutely love this. None of us our perfect and I frequently forget things, even as important as the bible. I love reading a story and then reading it again a few months later, it sometimes gives it a whole new perspective that maybe you didn’t see the first time.


  3. So incredibly true. I don’t read my bible very much but omgosh when I search for something to help me get through a hard time I’m always surprised to see I was already there with highlights, notes and reminders that he never left me, he’s just waiting patiently for me to turn around.


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