Worth the wait

Sometimes life takes an unexpected turn and before you even realize it you find yourself smack dab in the biggest faith walk you have ever been in.

If this is where you find yourself today to hang on!

Don’t look back.

Don’t allow yourself to get side tracked because the journey you are on is leading you somewhere exciting.

Through this journey I have learned that if you really want to see God’s fingerprints in your life keep a journal.
Write what’s on your heart.
What your worried about.
What you are dreaming about.
What you are praying about .
As you are flipping pages its easier to see His fingerprints are all over your life.
And yes, even the little ones like “help me snag a great parking spot” Or “help me find our misplaced Michael buble tickets*”. The little prayers I find are easier to have faith in but sometimes I get caught up in thinking that God doesn’t care about those little ones so “why bother” right?
If it matters to me.
It matters to him.
Write down what He tells you so isn’t erased by time.
Jot down scripture that speak to your heart.
Be intentional in your walk.
Have faith.

I can say that because I have been on the biggest faith journey of my life.

Seven months ago we whisked our family away from the land of snow and cold and traded up for sunshine and palm trees.
Excited to take the kids to California we filled almost every waking moment of our trip months before we even packed our suitcases. Our date with “the mouse” booked.

We had planned on a day relaxing by the water’s edge where we could bury our feet in the soft sand. The kids could play in the ocean and my husband could fly his kite.

Canadians are always the easiest ones to spot at the beach because we are only ones enjoying the water.

My husband had just taken a layoff the day before we left for our vacation but it hadn’t come as a surprise.

Years working in the construction industry you naturally accept the fact that this line of work it is very much like the cliche “feast or famine”.
We have ridden this roller coaster before so were expecting the layoff to come just a few days before Christmas.
We had planned that my hubby would use the time “off” to get 9 out if his 11 safety courses out-of-the-way but now that he was out earlier we adjusted his schedule and he finished the program and became an NCSO officer.
Somewhere along the way I had this impression that he would finish his courses and start back to work the beginning of January.
I mean we are a family with four kids and bills to pay.
So it’s understandable to see why I believed the way I did.

Right around this exact time if you remember me mentioning
we had just started the study “Not a fan” by Kyle Idleman and our lives have never been the same since.

One of my husband dreams have been to open his own business so with Gods’s prompting we did.
He built a website and started working on branding our company’s name.
And then we waited.

We prayed specific prayers and were intentional seeking God.
So much so that we both began feeling that we needed to be more intentional with what he wanted us to do with our tithes and offerings.
Normally when there is a job loss the first thing to go are donations. I understand the reasoning behind it but spiritually we knew that this act of sacrificial obedience would play a huge roll.

God used our friends to bless us
Night’s out and on countless occasions the exact money was there just when we need it to be.
Please Don’t misunderstand me here, God is not a cosmic genie in a bottle.
Our walk may look different than yours.
We have been intentionally seeking His will in our lives and allowing him to lead us even when it doesn’t make sense.

People told us that we were being foolish and attempted to “change” our minds but we held onto our dreams.

Job offers came that were nothing like the ones we had prayed for.
We stayed on the path and we waited.

My hubby finished transforming our garage into a home gym.

He built from scratch an 8×12 shed in the backyard.
We worked on our flower garden.
We drew closer to God trusting him for everything we needed.
I’m not going to sit here and tell you it was easy.
There were days when I questioned what God had planned and I worried.
Then I would repent and the fear would fade and My heart would be flooded with peace.
Trusting Him step by step.
Everything would be ok.

We opened our home to our Bible study group and we will continue to meet weekly until we head back to the church in the fall.

Last summer we watch God answer prayer after prayer and already he has been busy at work in the lives of those attending.
We have seen:
-Protection over loved ones while they undergo heart surgery.
-Job offers.
-Quick sale of houses (by quick I mean one sold in a day and another in a matter of days)
Just to name a few.

After a 7 month sabbatical we watched as God answer each one of our own work related prayers in one day.

But it was what we learned as we walked with God that drew us closer to him and trust me… It was worth the wait.

  • the tickets spent months in my bedroom resting against a photo then the tickets were stuck to the fridge and I found them on top of the fridge.

21 thoughts on “Worth the wait

  1. This is just such a powerful post full of such enormous faith!! I love your story, and your ability to truly abide and obey God’s prompting and wait on His Blessing! I bought Not A Fan months ago… and it’s sitting in my book shelf waiting to be read! I have heard such great things about it!

    I’m currently reading Jen Hatmaker’s “7”. If you haven’t read it yet, wait. I’ll warn you that it too, will transform your life and your hearts once again. 🙂


  2. It is a blessing to read this post today. I need to get back into the habit of journalling; I have let it lapse this year. God is good. I’m rejoicing with you for his provision and care in your life.


  3. I love your idea to keep a journal. I need to do this to remind myself of all the answered prayers (or unanswered prayers that ended up being a blessing) and all the blessings God has bestowed on us.


  4. Wonderful post! We too have trusted in the Lord to takes us where he has wanted us to go and he has been so faithful. It hasn’t always been easy but trusting in His plan is definitely worth the Wait!


  5. This is a great post! When the company my husband worked for started to go under back during the worst of the Recession, we waited for God to show us what to do. Now our life isn’t working out like we expected- it’s worked out even better.


  6. I started reading “Not a Fan” and never finished, although what I did get was phenomenal. I am inspired to finish it. Really, life got in the way. What Kyle Idleman was teaching me through that book was major. I admire the faith and steadfastness with which you and your husband are walking out God’s desire for your life.


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