The morning after

This was a great idea!

Said no one.


I should have stopped when I was 11 shots in but I forced myself to down the last vile shot of olive oil mixed with ruby red grapefruit juice.

But I didn’t.

Standing in the kitchen mixing my last shot together I just wanted to get it down and get on with my night.
I kept telling myself I could get down one last shot.
Big daddy was doing this “cleanse” with me and had already given up two shots back.

Niffy nuni was taunting me to “be a man and down that puppy!”
I did.
But oh do I ever wish I hadn’t.
Quickly I tossed it back with the skills of a veteran wiping my oily lips with a napkin.
A shudder ran down my body as an oily burp burst through my lips.
That’s it.

I’m done.

And I feel like crap.

Leaving the kitchen I curled up in our bed and all I kept thinking was “how am I going to drink the salt water tomorrow morning?”
Shoving the thought aside I curled up in the fetal position clutching my belly in agony.
It was the worst sleep I have had in such a long time.
1:00 am I’m wide awake and running to the washroom.
30 min later I’m back in bed shivering and praying that was the worst of it.
4:30 I’m up again and this time it’s worse. Ugh!
Apparently 1:00 am was my “dry” run for the real event.
If I thought it was bad to choke the stuff down in the first place let me assure you, its so much worse on the way back up.
After throwing up for over a half hour my senses come to me.

That’s it.

I’m out.

No more.

I’m not putting myself through anymore. I don’t care.
If I could have gone back in time I would have.

go to the natural good store & back away from the olive oil.
No way I am continuing on with this craziness.

No drinking salt water for this girl.

I wish I could say I felt better after my last bathroom run but it was well after 9 before my stomachs stopped rolling in protest.

From the articles I read apparently after drinking the salt water I was supposed to see “thousands of pea green stones” in a “loose bowel movement” which I am Assuming means that it worked.

Yup, saw those.
Proof enough for this girl.

As for my hubby.
He one upped me and finished the cleanse this morning forcing himself to drink 1/2 the salt water.
Nausea set in quickly forcing him to put the mug down and head back upstairs.
He looked as miserable as I felt.

He’s currently asleep in our bed probably wishing he hadn’t followed me in my hair brain ideas….

This was a great idea… In theory.
Next time,{ If there is another next time } I think we will see if we can get a cleanse in capsule form from the health food store.

I would rather cook with olive oil then drink it.