Unhappy salon visit

Dear Crappy Salon…
Remember me? I posted feedback on both yelp! and on your website both of which have disappeared.
Shocking…. that’s ok!
You can read what I wrote….
If your  are wanting a manicure or pedicure sure.
If you are going to get a color I would seriously reconsider.
The first time I visited the salon I was overcharged by $100.00 and I had to wait until the next day for the manager to correct the error so needless to say I was hesitant to try them again.
Against my better judgement I went anyway and was extremely disappointed.
I mentioned to my stylist that I was on a time crunch and needed to be on my way by 7:30 to pick up a family member at the airport she assured me that this wouldn’t be an issue.
The stylist was very hard to understand because of an language issue.
She kept insisting that I should “trust her” because she was a “higher priced stylist”.
I wanted to go back to a color closer to my natural color and had shared with her what look I was after.  
She refused stating that what I wanted wasn’t my natural color.
Umm, sure… whatever. 
Perhaps it was too much work? I’m not sure.
She proceeded to suggest colors swatches that were either much darker than I wanted to go and was personally offended when I said “no.”
When we finally agreed on “highlights” she shuttled me back to the overly full color bar where there was no room for me to sit so she had to find a different spot.
Right away she had someone else come and part my hair so all she had to do was mix the color and start.
Apparently when you mention that you are on a time crunch it’s code for “lets get the back of her hair in foil where she can’t see and leave her for 10 min. while the stylist  attends to another client”. 
When she finally came back she was rushing to get the rest of my hair in foils while  leaving me over and over again to check on another color client or cutting a clients hair.
After 20 minutes flipping through trashing magazines I was shuffled back to the sink where my scalp had the privilege of experiencing fluctuating temperatures from freezing cold to scalding hot in under 45 sec.  Not the most pleasant experience.
I was  the one grimacing while I experienced my “scalp massage from hell” which of course didn’t discourage the shampoo girl at all.  When she was rinsing the shampoo out of my hair the shampoo girl sprayed water inside my ear, my face and down my shirt.
With me short on time I was forced to make alternate arrangements as there was no way I was going to make the airport on time.  I was right in my assumption and cashed out at 7:30.
When I went to cash out the cashier quoted me $75.00 to which the stylist pipped up “Oh, I forgot to change that” and my price jumped an additional $50.00.
With crappy service, a stylist who was only interested in making sure she was happy and now another significant price jump I have decided…
“two strikes your out”. 
This will be my last color appointment and instead will stick  to a pedicure.
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